Cayetano: Hawaii’s Senior Senator Missing ‘800 Pound Gorilla’ – The Impact of Rail on Oahu

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Ben Cayetano /

Former Gov. Benjamin Cayetano, a Democrat in office for 28 years who is now a candidate for Honolulu Mayor, had some fighting words for Hawaii’s U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye in response to Inouye’s support for both of Cayetano’s mayoral opponents (in Civil Beat) and the $5.3 billion elevated steel wheel on steel rail project, which Inouye announced yesterday received Federal Transit Administration approval to move to the next phase of construction.

In a statement provided to Hawaii Reporter, Cayetano said:


“But for the trees, our good senator, can’t see the forest. Here are some important facts the senator may have overlooked:

According to the Federal Transit Authority (FTA) and state studies the City’s rail project is likely to cost $7 billion – not $5 billion. It is an ugly, elevated heavy rail system that is obsolete. No other city Honolulu’s size and population is building such a monstrosity. It will change the character of our city for worse and will destroy or unearth ancient burial grounds and iwi. In its Environmental Impact Statement, the City concedes rail will not reduce future traffic congestion below current levels — a statement with which the FTA agreed on page 208 of its Record of Decision.

“As for the senator’s comment that ‘there are a lot of things involved in the management of a large city like Honolulu, a city that represents over half (900,000 to be more exact) the population of the whole state’, the good senator forgets that the people gave me the privilege of governing the population of the entire state –1.2 million residents — for eight years during some tough economic times — and he apparently has forgotten the supportive remarks he made about my performance when he endorsed me in my 1994 and 1998 elections.

“The city faces enormous challenges, among them: EPA mandated sewer upgrades estimated at $5 billion, upgrades and repairs to a water system — which in 2011 had a water main break nearly every day — also estimated at $5 billion, re-paving the city’s pothole filled roads at an estimated cost of $1.6 billion; repairing long neglected storm drains- $800 million.

“Sewage and water fees have already increased dramatically and will continue to do so. Oahu residents pay the highest price per gallon of gasoline in the nation and Hawaiian Electric has gone to the extent of running television commercials to warn Oahu residents that their electricity rates are going to be increased substantially.

“Add to this sad scenario the fact that the state and counties Employment Retirement System (ERS) and the Employee’s Union Trust Fund (EUTF) face unfunded liabilities of $9 and $14 billion respectively and one understands why studies have concluded that among cities with a population of less than one million — Honolulu is the most unaffordable city in the nation. Small wonder that every year thousands of our young people leave Hawaii to live on the mainland.

“After 10 years in retirement I decided to run for Mayor because I believe that adding $5 to $7 billion in debt for an elevated, heavy rail system that will not reduce traffic congestion and will suck the air out of the city’s ability to provide more important basic services does not make sense.

“There is an 800 pound gorilla sitting in the middle of the room and the good senator just doesn’t see it.”






  1. Cayetano should quit this grandstanding. He makes like he’s the main boy in the movie rescuing the damsel tied to the rail tracks. In this respect, he’s misusing the rail controversy to make him mayor. Let me remind you that the mayor has other duties besides overseeing the rail project.

  2. You got my vote Ben Cayetano. I respect your common sense attitude in addressing the issues.

  3. Real Railroading have come to the Hart of the Matter, not only Roosted in Honolulu Hale, but affected the old timers as well. Everyone wants their piece of the golden calf that will offer up contractual dollars, while stealing from the poor, elders, disabled, taxpayers and offering a smidgen of relief at the outset. What it is doing in the short-term is stealing from the least abled/elderly since Oct 2009, and the tax payer, via reduced HandiVan services and Fees everywhere they can be levied, in that order. No the taxes will not be raised, but all other services will be reduced to nil and fees raised is the corrupted answer? Fire everyone at Honolulu Hale and get rid of Hart! Replace all with one vote. Cayetano and those that support NO RAIL and a support of existing infrastructure, and relief to taxpayers from the a City and County that has declared war on the taxpayer’s wallet.

  4. Ben will likely win in a landslide unless Carlisle wakes up. But the somnolent and tone-deaf Carlisle sold his soul to the carpenter’s union and others, so Ben will soon be our next mayor. In this context, the city spending more money on the train in the meantime borders on criminal malfeasance. Call or email your councilperson.

  5. Ben is entirely sensible. Just read the article to see how we are and will be drowning in taxes WITHOUT rail!! This will cost Carliar his job.

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