Challenging Ed Case’s Endorsement of Peter Carlisle for Mayor

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Following the debate Tuesday evening and immediately following the news broadcast where Panos Prevedouros was declared the debate winner in the stations’ online poll (74%), failed congressional candidate Ed Case sent out an email newsletter to supporters inclined to vote for Panos telling them not to “waste” their vote and to vote instead for Peter Carlisle (not Kirk Caldwell). newsletter attached

Panos Prevedouos says, “I once again thank Ed Case, and this time for validating to all that we will win this election and are in fact the true threat to the status quo.”


Panos won the HawaiiNewsNow Mayoral debate with a historic landslide. 74% of the viewers voted Panos winner of the night’s debate vs. Peter’s 12% approval.   Carlisle, who has spent nearly $500,000 and Caldwell, who has spent nearly $900,000 lost by more than a 7:1 margin to Panos, who has spent just $100,000.

The Panos campaign has been outspent by an average of 7:1 yet viewers favor Panos by 7:1.  If Tuesday’s debate favorability isn’t political fright night, we don’t know what is.

Is Case’s endorsement of Carlisle based on doing what’s right for Honolulu, or is it based on what’s right for Ed and Peter?

“Peter Carlisle is a fine prosecutor, but Honolulu has infrastructure problems, not judiciary ones. Today, Honolulu has water mains that break daily, sewers that must be upgraded under consent decree, the worst roads in the nation and some of the worst traffic congestion in the nation,” says Panos.  “And a quick check on Peter’s website will show that he is both unaware of these problems and unable to put forth any solutions whatsoever.” (Go ahead, try it: go to Peter’s website. See if you can even find a statement of a single problem Honolulu has, much less a solution).

“In this Mayoral election, who is asking the tough questions? Who is finding better solutions? Carlisle literally has no platform for Honolulu whatsoever,” explains Panos. “His message of fiscal stewardship imploded weeks ago at the Hawaii Public Radio debate.  How can he be a good fiscal steward while he supports a $6 billion project he admits is fiscally irresponsible?”

On  the other hand, take a look at Panos’ platform. Look at his nearly endless review of the city’s key problems and his solutions. Panos is a man who knows Honolulu’s infrastructure in, out, up, down and sideways. He knows the problems, has the solutions, the expertise, and the contacts to make Oahu’s best years the ones ahead.

Case can’t possibly be endorsing Peter because of his solutions as there are none. He certainly isn’t endorsing Peter because of his debate performance. Mr. Case is endorsing Peter simply because he has “known” him. We think it’s “establishment-lite”.  Support your buddies so they can support you.

Panos continues, “We’re disappointed in Case. This was his chance to make the boldest of bold moves.  It’s time to elect an Engineer, not a Politician for Honolulu.  It’s time to send the strongest possible message to the establishment that the party is over. Instead, Ed wants you to vote for his friend and earn the right for himself to live another political day.”

It’s time to put an end to this, once and for all. We have the entire political establishment scared like never before. For decades we have waited for a breath of fresh air to enter Hawaii’s political scene and now we have him: Civil Engineer Panos Prevedouros.

It’s time to turn the page on the old way that has brought us to this point and elect a new generation of leaders that can get us to where we want to go. This is our chance.  It’s a winner-take-all race. We have a strong anti-incumbent sentiment.  We may never have an opportunity like this again.

Send the strongest message you possibly can: let’s elect Panos Prevedouros, Mayor.

Submitted by the Panos Prevedouros for mayor campaign, See more about Panos Prevedouros at