City Council Candidate Rich Turbin Receives Djou, Hirono Endorsements

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EAST OAHU – Rich Turbin, Candidate for Honolulu City Council District 4, has received the support from both of Hawaii’s Congressional Representatives in the non-partisan race to represent East Oahu.  Republican Congressman Charles Djou, who previously held the City Council seat, and Democratic Congresswoman Mazie Hirono say that Turbin is the best choice to represent the district spanning from Ala Moana to Hawaii Kai.

Hirono and Djou have each appeared in separate mailers sent to select residents of the district saying why they will vote for Rich Turbin.  Djou and Hirono both reside in Council District 4.


In a recent mailer sent to voters in the district, Congressman Djou said:
“During my eight years representing East Oahu on the City Council, I have worked closely with neighborhood board member Rich Turbin. I know he will be fiscally responsible and ensure that the city government is accountable and transparent.”

The endorsement by Djou triggered a negative e-mail from opponent Stanley Chang’s campaign (see attached copy of the e-mail). The subject line of the e-mail read: “Djou in bed with Turbin.” The e-mail, signed by Chang’s campaign manager, Kekoa McClellan, accused Turbin, who is a lifelong Democrat, of going against the Democratic Party while at the same time questioning his integrity as a Democrat.  It falsely accused Turbin of “actively working against democratic efforts.”  Turbin responded to Chang’s message as follows:

“This is a non-partisan race so it is unfortunate that my opponent and his supporters don’t seem to understand that council members should be putting partisan politics aside to focus on the work of the people. It is also disappointing to witness the deep animosity he and his campaign have toward those who are not members of our party.  This is a job for someone who has the character to take off his party hat and work with people regardless of party affiliation to make Honolulu a better place to live, work and play.

“My opponent seems dangerously caught up in his political alliances considering this is the first time he is running for elected office.  I would like to remind my opponent that this is not the race for partisan politics.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement by the former City Councilman Djou, who represented East Oahu finely for the last eight years, and Congresswoman Mazie Hirono, with whom I’ve worked.”

For 28 years, Rich Turbin has been an elected volunteer member on the Waialae-Kahala Neighborhood Board, serving as its Chair for 14 years. Some of his accomplishments during the three decades of service to the East Oahu community include:

– Founded the “Citizens for Fair Property Tax” in 1991, which resulted in a reduction of property taxes;

– Addressed school safety by obtaining donors to build a fence around Kahala School to protect the children from intruders;

– Developed CTAP – Community Traffic Awareness Program, a partnership between the Honolulu Police Dept. and community members urging drivers to slow down and watch for children and the elderly in residential areas;

– Provided more and larger sized parking spaces by working with the Kahala Mall management; and

– Addressed the issues of stray dogs on the beach, curb helicopter tours over residential areas, safe bike races in our neighborhood and owners that allow their property to go into disarray.

“Having known Rich for decades, I am happy to endorse his candidacy for the Honolulu City Council. Said Congresswoman Mazie Hirono.  “The broad support he has received exemplifies his willingness and ability to work with all parties to achieve sensible and practical solutions.”

“Serving as a volunteer on the Neighborhood Board for so many years gives me the priceless institutional knowledge of this district, our issues and an understanding of where things need to go from here,” said Turbin.  “If elected, I will aim to cut unnecessary spending, demand transparency, prioritize where we spend tax payer dollars, streamline government and preserve our natural environment.”

After serving in the Peace Corps in Samoa, he was a Hawaii Legal Aid lawyer and a Public Defender.  For the past 34 years, he has run his own private practice representing individual victims of accidents and negligence.

Submitted by Tyler Kruse for the Turbin campaign





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