Close Racial and Income Gaps with a Rigorous Core Curriculum

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BY THOMAS STUART — According to a new study by the independent, not-for-profit organization, ACT, Inc., racial and income gaps in college success rates can be narrowed by ensuring all students take a rigorous core curriculum in high school.

How many readers realize that in state Department of Education public schools across the state there is no — REPEAT NO — academic curriculum of any sort for any subject at any grade level? And yet DOE as a political sacred cow demands AND GETS almost three BILLION dollars a year for the nominal purpose of educating children.


Is it any surprise that gubernatorial candidate Aiona has pledged to conduct the first comprehensive financial and management audit of DOE since 1973?

As a public school teacher I wish him well.

Parents and other taxpayers need to know how thoroughly they and their children are being flim flammed by upwardly mobile, utterly unaccountable bureaucrats who crawl like colonies of cockroaches along the dark labyrinthine pathways of the massive DOE bureaucracy completely shielded from public view by politicians who have a vested interest in maintaining the lucrative status quo, feeding off the flesh of children to nourish their incumbency.

Thomas E. Stuart is a middle school teacher at Kohala Middle School.