Coming Soon: Plenty Heat, No Meat

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Our Legislature, dominated by persons who, based on their experience, think they are sheltered from being held accountable for the actual results of their actions, are on course for passing a 12.5 percent increase in our state excise tax, a $120 per person tax to support long term care and an increase in the real estate conveyance tax. They expect the governor to veto those actions and are fully prepared to override those vetoes. This, plus last year’s gas cap action will put them squarely in the crosshairs of long term future public outcry over a stalled economy and an escalating cost of living.


Any and all decreases in income and increases in prices have the same effect —- less commercial activity which results in fewer jobs, less investment, less prosperity. The 12.5 percent excise tax increase and the $240.00 per couple long term care tax are cuts in everybody’s income. The double conveyance tax on $600,000 transactions will, in 24 years at 3 percent inflation, be impacting the equivalent of $300,000 exchanges, and in another 24 years, $150,000 purchases. That’s called “taxing the rich” in a bid for class warfare. The result? Eventually all are “rich” and ripe for harvesting.

The majority in the state Legislature are thus condemning you and your children to economic stagnation throughout our state (my children have already left; perhaps yours will too).

As that future unfolds, they plan to blame it on the present governor. Do I mean that they are aware that they are actually doing major damage to our financial future? Of course they are (with the possible exception of a few dim bulbs), but they believe that the voting public are as dumb as chickens.

In the past, they have mostly been able to sidestep the blame for the consequences of their actions.

Not so this time. Those chickens will be weary of being plucked. These fowl might be a bit slow but are not stupid.

In late 2004, the weary voter — chickens will come home to roost. The chicken house door will be locked. The offending legislators’ big BBQ party will have lots of charcoal but the chickens will not be available. Plenty heat, no meat.

Accountability, well placed, is delicious.

”’Richard O. Rowland is president of the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii. He can be reached via email at or by phone at (808) 487-4959. More information about the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii can be found at its Web site at”’