Commuting Patterns Show Investing $6 Billion in Honolulu Rail is Clearly Ridiculous

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Honolulu Rail Transit cartoon, rail operation and maintenance are forever
Honolulu rail operation and maintenance cost are forever

Did Commuting Patterns Change in the First Decade of the Millenium? Only a Little.


A New Geography article summarized the commuting data and results revealed by the 2010 Census. The winner wasTelecommuting and the loser was Carpooling.

Despite higher prices and huge media hype over shifts to public transit, the big surprise was the continued growth over the last decade in driving alone to work.

In summary,there has been no major change in commuting, even with the huge gas price increases.
As the shift to personal mobility continues, the largest increases will like take place in telecommuting, which is the most energy-efficient form of transportation.
Gains in transit have been minimal and should be expected to stay at around 5% on the mainland and around 7% in Honolulu.

Clearly these numbers indicate that a city like Honolulu with 950,000 people investing on a $6 billion heavy rail system is nothing short of ridiculous.





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