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    ”’Dear Advocate:”’


    My 7-year-old is having trouble learning to read and is starting to act out at school. He starts rubbing his eyes and gets tired when he looks at a book and also tells me that the “words fly off the page.” I had his eyes tested when he had his annual physical, but the doctor said he has 20/20 vision. How can I find out if something else is wrong with his eyes? — Unclear on Next Step

    ”’Dear Unclear:”’

    Your child may have a visual processing disorder. The next step would be a referral to a behavioral optometrist who can give him a comprehensive vision exam to determine if there is a need for vision therapy.

    Although this list may not be exhaustive, here is a list of optometrists in Hawaii who specialize in learning problems:

    *Dr. Kevin Baize (Laie & Honolulu) 293-9500
    *Dr. Susan Nakasone (Honolulu) 732-1004
    *Dr. Kensey Inouye (Honolulu) 944-0002
    *Dr. Clayton Gushiken (Honolulu) 941-3811
    *Dr. Jane Kimura (Maui) (808) 243-6203
    *Dr. Diane Santessen (Maui) (808) 875-4466

    ”Web sites with information on visually related learning problems include:”

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