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BY SAM SLOM – KITV’s Dick Allgire broke a story last weekend detailing‘s ranking of the 10 best and 10 worst states ranked according to effective average incomes (less cost of living and unemployment). Hawaii ranked worst at no. 50; Illinois was best at no. 1. No, climate, beauty and food were not counted; only raw economic and tax data.

Thursday, Cliff Slater of Honolulu is the SBH Sunrise Networking Breakfast Speaker at the Pineapple Room, Macy’s Ala Moana. Slater will discuss the impending lawsuit against the rail project and update taxpayers on the impact of rail spending. The event runs from 7-8:30 am. Call Darlyn at SBH, 396-1724 for reservations.


The Legislature has completed 56 days of the 60 day session. Adjournment is set for next Thursday, May 5. A major final vote begins on Tuesday. The budget is not balanced and tax increases loom. Rumors persist that the session will either be extended or there will be a special session.The legislature, besides pushing tax and fee increases, is also passing protective legislation to maintain favored utility monopolies such as HECO and Young Brothers. Competition and any semblance of a free market are definitely out with the majority at the Capitol.

The Hawaii Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is hosting a small business event Wednesday, May 25, 7 – 9 am at Sam Choy’s. Speakers will include tax and labor attorneys Nelson Befitel, Ron Heller, John Knorek, Barbara Krieg, as well as Patrick Parsons of Hawaii Business magazine. Registration is $20. Call Eliza at 397-4026 for info.

Save the date: Friday, September 16, the Small Business Hawaii Entrepreneurial Education Foundation will hold its annual small business awards banquet at the Waialae Country Club. More details to follow shortly.

The City Council last week advanced a new gasoline tax increase bill-6¢ over the next few years. Of the 9-member Council, only members Tom Berg and Ikaika Anderson voted against the tax hike. The best part is that City has already reduced its meager road repair budget and with the tax increase will reduce It further.

The latest Rasmussen Reports notes that, U.S. Consumer Confidence Is Lowest Since September. Just one point above a two-year low:

21% Believe Economy Getting Better, 60% Say Worse

Also, 50% Recognize Official Debt Ceiling Figures Understate the Problem, 64% Think Unfunded Commitments for Social Security and Other Programs Should Be Included.

The 22nd Annual BayFest will be held aboard Marine Corps Base (MCB) Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay July 15-17. The public is invited to Oahu’s largest music and family fun festival, featuring national concert acts, EK Fernandez carnival rides and midway, fireworks, competitions, food and military displays. There will be music for every taste – from local legends to alternative rock to country. Plus, the first ever GreenFest @ BayFest Expo will transform Hangar 101 into an eco-village of environmentally conscious businesses and organizations. For more information, visit

The Honolulu campus of Heald College recently held its annual Awards and Recognition Reception to honor students, teachers and business owners from all over the state that have made a difference in career education. This year, Dr. Tina Tom was presented with the Employer of the Year Award in recognition of her continuing support of the Dental Assistant Program at Heald College.

Dr. Tom’s involvement began six years ago when the Dental Assistant Program was first established at Heald College. Over the years she has been an active supporter of the program by serving on the Employer Advisory Board, presenting at employee meetings, accepting dental externs, and hiring Heald College graduates.  Additionally, Dr. Tom takes time from her busy practice to visit dental classes and share her practical, real-world perspective.

The new McDonald’s of Aina Haina opened Tuesday evening across from Hawaii’s first, original McDonald’s built in 1968. The original will be demolished. Congrats to Colleen and Glenn Waki, owners.

Many island schools will host May Day programs beginning this Friday. Kamiloiki Elementary will have a May Day and 40th anniversary luau next Friday, May 6.

Graduation season will be in full swing during May at public and private schools statewide.

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