Corinne Wei Lan Ching: State Representative, District 27 (Nuuanu, Puunui, Liliha, Alewa Heights)

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Name:   Corinne Wei Lan Ching             

Current job:   State Legislator


Residence: How long you’ve lived in the district:     Since 1990 (over 20 yrs.)

Background: What qualifies you for the position?  What else have you run for? Have you been in public office before and if so, what position?

4 Terms in Office and a tangible record of achievement qualifies me.  I have run for this office before, and the Downtown and Liliha/Alewa Hts. Neighborhood Boards.  Besides being the present State Representative, years ago, I was acting chair of the Liliha Neighborhood Board. 

Major issues: What are the biggest issue in your district/state and your proposed solutions?  The major issues of my district include the high property taxes, crime and healthcare issues.  The solution to the issue rests with improving the economy to help increase state revenue through job creation and improved business climate.

Budget philosophy: What is your budget philosophy? Do you foresee increases in revenue through tax hikes and fees or do you believe in cutting spending? 

Being more efficient with the funds we presently have and encouraging business and investment is the best remedy to balance the budget.  Cutting spending must be done in order to put our financial house in order.  Private-public partnerships must be encouraged, supporting tax incentives and halting tax increases is my philosophy.

Taxes and fees: Do you believe Hawaii’s taxes should be lowered or increased? If you do plan to raise taxes and fees, which specific taxes or fees would you increase? Or would you sign a pledge that says you will not raise taxes?

I have already signed a pledge not to raise taxes.  I believe to encourage business, investment and job creation, we must lower taxes, in Hawaii.

Rail: If the city has difficulty raising enough revenue for the rail, would you support state tax support for the rail project? No.

Legalized Gambling: Do you believe gambling should be legalized in Hawaii in any form and if so, in what form? No, and none.  The detrimental effects of gambling far outweigh any benefits.  One need not look too far to Vegas to realize they fell the hardest in the recession of the Nation.  The metaphor of bringing in gambling to raise revenue is akin to repeating the myopic solution from Hawaii’s history of the rat and mongoose. Introduction of legalized gambling will only create two larger problems: exacerbated organized crime & drug trade, and increased costs to deal with it, and a culture lacking delayed gratification resulting in a continued poorly performing educational system and systemically flawed economy.

Public Education: What are your plans to support the public education system while ensuring accountability and results for our students? Do you support an appointed or elected school board?  Audit the DOE, Bring the money down to the classroom level, if you continue a school board, appoint it at this point.

Economic Growth: What are your plans to promote long-term economic growth for Hawaii?   Focus on sustainability, self-reliance.  In terms of energy we should be investing and moving ahead with alternative energy, clean energy. Be more energy efficient and promote efficiency in government.  We should find ways to make diversified agriculture work. Support locally made products, promote tourism and international relations with China’s consumer market. Support technology and private sector.

 Crime: What is your solution to making Oahu a safer place to live and visit?

First of all, we need a philosophy in action that understands that if you put the criminal before the victim, then ultimately crime pays.  Stricter penalties plus prevention through revitalized and unified communities that support small business and a sense of community feel are key.  Programs in the schools that address the young people is important and making sure community colleges are strong in vocational programs to prepare young people for employment.  

Second Amendment: Would you support concealed carry or more freedom for law abiding firearms owners, do you feel the current laws should remain in place, or do you believe stricter gun laws should be in place?  I support the current law.

Homeless: What is your solution to homelessness?  Not all homeless are the same in terms of challenges.  For the mentally ill, housing.  For those unemployed, homeless with children, we need more tax incentives to create affordable housing with followup to help with job training.

Compact with Micronesia: Micronesians are able to freely move to Hawaii, which they are doing in large numbers to take advantage of the public education system, medical services and other government benefits. But the governor and other public officials say they are taxing Hawaii’s resources and costing the state more than $100 million a year. This is a federal decision, but would you share your view on whether the Compact with Micronesia should remain in place, should there be some parameters put on the Compact or do you have other solutions?  Yes, there needs to be parameters as Hawaii’s first priority should be its own taxpaying citizens.

Akaka Bill: What is your position on the Akaka Bill? Do you believe it will unite or divide Hawaii? What is your vision for how the Akaka Bill will change Hawaii?

The Akaka Bill has the potential to divide Hawaii.

Jones Act: Opponents of the federal Jones Act say it increases the cost of living in Hawaii through a shipping duopoly while supporters say it is needed to ensure port security and American jobs. While this is a federal decision, would you share your view on whether you support an exemption for Hawaii from the Jones Act or should it remain in place?  Yes.  I definitely support an exemption for Hawaii from the Jones Act.

Endorsements you would like to list:  BUILD-PAC HAWAII & GCA of Hawaii (General Contracting Assn), UHPA, Outrigger Hotel Employees, Sierra Club. Past Endorsements I expect to receive this election cycle as well:  PAYCHECKS HAWAII, HAMPAC (Hawaii Medical Assn PAC), SHOPO (State of Hawaii Police Officers), Hawaii Coalition of Conservation Voters. 

Any additional comments:  I have shown my support for the business community in tangible ways.  Through my efforts with the private sector, I have been able to revitalize my district, professionally repainting buildings in the community of Liliha with architectural help, creating to first ever Liliha Town Welcome Center to reposition Liliha as a visitor destination, founding, organizing and financing not only the Annual Town Festival, but also publishing the first ever history of the area, with a local small business directory of mom n’ pops now in the local library, and at the Capitol, consistently sticking up for small business as the employer and backbone of the economy of the State.  My record speaks for itself.

Contact information:

Phone:     (808) 545-3080


Mail:          2040 Nuuanu Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii  96817

Web site address:

Campaign Slogan or Theme: “From the Community… For the Community”