Council Candidate McDermott Blast’s State’s Rail Analysis

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HONOLULU, HAWAII — District One City Council Candidate, Bob McDermott, today issued a statement critical of the State’s recently commissioned financial analysis of the City’s rail project.

McDermott was clear in his suspicions about the report prepared by Infrastructure Management Group (IMG) and Thomas A. Rubin, “While it is extremely important to closely monitor the financial aspects of the rail project, this sort of politically-motivated manipulation is not helpful.”


“This report appears to be nothing but anti-rail propaganda that has been purchased from a known purveyor of anti-rail propaganda,” said McDermott.

Rubin has been described as an “anti-rail gunslinger” by pro-rail sources on the mainland.  His close association with the Reason Foundation, a connection shared by local anti-rail activist, Cliff Slater, is cause for further concern.  The Reason Foundation is funded by special interest groups including the major petroleum and automobile industries. They oppose all rail transit projects across the county.

It has also been reported by the local media that IMG representatives and Rubin met with another anti-rail proponent, Panos Prevedouros, who supplied them with various data he has generated in collaboration with Cliff Slater.

“The rail transit project is critical for my district,” added McDermott, “The westside experiences  intolerable commuter traffic and it’s going to get much worse…we need this alternative. It’s too important to continue to use rail as a political football.”

“The people have spoken, they support the rail project. My district [Leeward Oahu] overwhelmingly supports it. It’s time to stop trying to subvert the process and put people back to work.”

McDermott also pointed out the economic benefits of the project. “Rail construction and the redevelopment of the urban corridor will supply much-needed construction jobs for years, this is the kind of economic stimulus we need now.”

McDermott said he is still reviewing the executive summary and will have more to say on it later, but is already upset that $350,000 of taxpayers’ money was used by the State on a report that was not required and appears to be deliberately biased.

McDermott is a former Hawaii State Representative who is running for the City Council seat recently vacated by Todd Apo [District 1]. McDermott, age 47, served 3 terms in the State House.

McDermott was a Marine Officer who served in Gulf War 1, has been married for 27 years and is the father of eight children. He holds an MBA degree from Chaminade University and is currently an executive in Honolulu for a non-profit organization and a Civil Service Commissioner.

Submitted by Bob McDermott, To learn more, go to Bob’s website