Dangerous Illusion of Calm

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It should never be forgotten that, in the wake of the horrendous death and destruction of 9-11, liberal politicians lamented not their country’s loss, but rather that Bill Clinton wasn’t in office to reap positive public sentiment from the attacks. The manner in which the Clinton administration could shamelessly exploit tragedy to its political gain was clearly exemplified in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, which it used as a political weapon to bludgeon its opposition. But such a shortsighted and self-serving reaction ultimately eroded this nation’s capability to protect its citizens.

Were President Bush and his cabinet truly as crass and brazen as their predecessors, they would be fervently wishing that another attack might ensue, in hopes of bolstering support for the War On Terror. But in the two years that have elapsed since September 11, 2001, no major terrorist act has transpired on American soil. In his September 7, 2003 speech, the President reiterated that America must continue to act decisively, and that it can in no way return to the detached posture it held prior to the attacks. And while some may suggest that the administration’s responses to the ongoing threat of terrorism have been excessive, it cannot honestly be claimed that such measures have been anything but effective.


Admittedly, at this writing, neither Hussein nor Bin Laden have been found, but (assuming they are still alive) neither are they free to conduct business as they had during the past dozen years. If they are indeed yet living, they are on the defensive and on the run. Instead of their terror war being inflicted on the U.S. within its shores, America’s war against terror has been taken to their own doorsteps, forcing them to continually hide and flee. Almost daily, their ranks dwindle as more and more key players are systematically apprehended throughout the world.

So effective has been the U.S. response to the global web of terror organizations that many Americans are in danger of lapsing into a fantasy world wherein threats of domestic terrorism no longer exist. Instead of lauding their government’s efficient, diligent, and successful efforts to keep the country safe, an increasing number of Americans, stoked by a liberal media/Democrat Party disinformation campaign, are actually questioning the fundamental necessity of the Bush Administration’s response to 9-11.

Though such skepticism may, in the short term, play well into the hands of those Democrat aspirants to the oval office, it is the sort of “second guessing” in which the country can ill afford to engage. Those very September 11 attacks, which spawned both U.S. military retaliation and extensive domestic security measures, might not have occurred in the first place except that too many individuals, at the highest levels of government, had exhibited their lack of seriousness in dealing with terrorism during the previous decade, thus proving their willingness to play dangerous games with national security. It was a message that was not lost on the terrorists.

Now President Bush is requesting an additional $87 billion to continue in the cause of defeating the terrorists. Not surprisingly, his political opponents are wailing and gnashing teeth at the thought of such a horrendous budgetary outlay. The last time liberal Democrats showed so much fiscal concern was in regards to Ken Starr’s $40 million investigation of Bill Clinton. These same people regularly advocate squandering the national treasury in pursuit of an unattainable socialist utopia. So it should be obvious that their motives are less than pure. And though, by ordinary standards, the sum requested by the President is staggering, it is only a tiny fraction of the amount spent every year, on “education,” to name one example.

Among those who take the safety of the nation seriously, a considerable amount of latitude exists within which to debate the specifics of ensuring its security. However, no question can honestly be proffered regarding the inherent necessity of a proactive strategy to find and eliminate terrorists and their backers.

Perhaps the most frequently repeated chant of the naysayers is that Iraq cannot be allowed to become another Vietnam. Little do they know how right they are. For just as the forces of totalitarian expansionism continued to press forward on the very heels of U.S. abandonment of that region, so will the pall of terrorism and militant Islam resume its malignant course if America fails to neutralize it. And if left unchecked, that course will lead once again to the American homeland.

”’Christopher G. Adamo was born in Cheyenne Wyoming, but has lived in several places, ranging from the East Coast to the West Coast, before settling back in southeastern Wyoming to raise his family. He has held an interest in politics for many years and has worked within the Wyoming GOP as well as the Wyoming Christian Coalition. His archives can be found at:”’ https://www.ConservativeTruth.org.