David & Goliath: Who Won?

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“As I watch the number of common-sense animal lovers growing, and
becoming stronger as they face new laws about their pets, I am
reminded that love can’t be stopped by laws, or by people who don’t
understand its power. Even the smallest mother dog fights with the
force of a tiger when standing up for what she loves. Many a giant has
discovered this as he is falling.” ”’Ron Hevener – Author, “High Stakes” – https://www.RonHevener.com”’

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the anti-pet legislation
happening across the nation. Many people might think these new bills
and ordinances are pro-animal, pro-pet but everything is not as it
appears on the surface.


”Ponder these things:”

* Control the land and the animals then you control the people.

* Determine ALL breeders to be puppy millers so no animals are bred.

* Teach school children it’s inhumane to eat meat (animals).

* Teach college students they’re “hip and educated” if they’re vegan.

* Kill babies – it’s your choice and right; don’t kill animals UNLESS
you’re “freeing” them from a life of tortuous enslavement by humans

* Determine kind people to be animal guardians and cruel people to be
pet owners.

The beat goes on…and on and on and on.

Bills and all kinds of legislation are before every senate in every
state in the nation with a large majority having to do with animals.
Such a big Goliath: animal rights groups, government, lobbyists, world
power money brokers – lions, and tigers and bears, OH MY! But who won
between David and Goliath? David did, because he understood the true
Source of real power in the grand scheme of things.

For every Breed Specific Legislation, Mandatory Spay/Neuter, anti-pet
owner, anti-breeder, anti-pet bill or ordinance we haggle, fight, and
wear ourselves out over, there are twenty more to take their place to
keep us so busy, tired, distracted and depleted that we don’t notice
the methodical takeover of: our pets, our land, our businesses, our
freedoms. These distractions serve to keep us focused on the problem
or what I refer to as the “darkness” rather than the solution which I
refer to always as “the Light”.

What comes to mind is the movie “The Matrix”. No one knew they were in
a Matrix run by machines soaking up their life force while they slept
in ignorant oblivion as the Matrix used them until they died. Those
who chose to wake up out of it and DO something were overwhelmed UNTIL
they learned how to fight back. They learned to use the Matrix against
itself. It’s time for us to wake up out of the machine and realize
just what is going on around us. Those of us who are awake and in the
fight are reacting in fear rather than responding in faith and trust
of our true Source of Power and Light. We’re trying to fight Goliath
all wrong.

David (to eventually become King David) was a small, young sheep
herder with five rocks and a slingshot. Goliath was a giant of a man
standing over 9 feet tall, big, strong, muscular wielding a huge sword
– exactly how I see our fight to protect our freedoms to own our
animals, our land, our businesses, our Americanism. Fighting the
power of our modern day Goliath seems daunting and overwhelming at
times but it’s because we keep forgetting to turn on the Light.

David didn’t kill Goliath with the rocks. He hit Goliath square in the
head with ONE rock and knocked him out. THEN he walked over and took
out Goliath’s sword and cut off his head with his own sword. David
ended that war but he did not trust in his own power, he had the Light
on behind him the whole time so he saw the situation clearly. The
magical thing is David never doubted that he would win. He never even
gave it a second thought. He didn’t focus on the problem but
recognized and implemented the solution even as the armies on both
sides and Goliath laughed at and ridiculed him. We’re all so worried
about being politically correct but our opposition has never been
worried about that and neither should we.

There are a lot more pet owners, breeders, animal lovers out there who
are just uninformed. Rather than engaging a group of bullies in a
fight, we can turn and face the crowd and engage them in the battle.
Allow them to know the truth of what is going on in the fight for our
animals and our freedoms.

Shine up our rocks, grab our slingshots and let’s take care of
Goliath…but remember where the Source of ALL power really lies.

”’Kim Bloomer is a natural pet care educator, professional lecturer, host of the online radio show Animal Talk Naturally and a proficient blogger and writer on natural pet health. Kim is also co-author of the book Whole Health for Happy Dogs. She worked in the veterinary field for many years and continues to do extensive research into natural health care for dogs and cats. Kim is currently enrolled in the Clayton College of Natural Health studying for a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition/Doctor of Naturopathy. Kim is a member of the American Veterinary Naturopathic Association. Http://www.AnimalTalkNaturally.com”’