Debate Over Oahu Landfill Continues

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Just a short time ago the City and County of Honolulu was under threat of hugh fines (perhaps millions of dollars ) for the operation and illegal continued use of the Waimanalo gulch landfill by the Environmental Protection Agency, state of Hawaii and some private watchdog groups threatening legal action.

First, let me get this straight — the government never pays a dime in fines, only the taxpayers have that privilege.


The latest proposal is an offer by the waste management company to take over operation of the gulch from the City and County of Honolulu, which has by some miracle has found room for 15 years of trash storage at the site.

Needless to say the residents of the West Coast are a bit perturbed.

I am fully cognizant of the fact that the trash removal services are the responsibility of the county.

However as a candidate for the House seat in the 45th district the questions about the landfill are unavoidable and must be addressed.

My solution: Legislation being passed requiring each council district to be responsible for the trash from their district to be buried in their district. If the residents of the districts will not consent to a landfill in their district, it may be buried in the Waimanalo gulch landfill at an additional tipping fee being charged to them. These charges must be of sufficient rate as to (A) encourage each district to be responsible for their own trash or (B) be adequate enough for the residents of the first (1) district to accept the trash from any other districts. These monies would be used for the sole benefit of the legal residents of the 1st district only and only them. They
could be used to offset property taxes, utility bills or any other legal use as provided by law. The most important safeguard would be strict accounting and keeping these monies out of the hands of any but the legal beneficiaries.

”’Bud Ebel is a Republican candidate running for the state’s 45th house district seat.”’

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