Democrat Disarray Could Be Saving Grace for Republicans

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The race is on. The mid-term elections are just three months away, and given the tremendous level of frustration among grassroots conservatives (among many other factors), the Democrats are in a position to make significant gains. However, the saving grace for the Republican Party may be the fact that the Democrats are in even more disarray than Republicans and consistently have no coherent message. With the Democrats kicking and screaming at each other, Republicans may be able to salvage an electoral season that should have been theirs for the taking.

Just two years ago, President George W. Bush was on his way to reelection, with the country sending a clear message that they wanted Washington in Republican control. The House, Senate, and White House all remained squarely in Republican hands, and the potential for significant progress on conservative issues was vast. Fast-forward to today, and the picture is not quite so rosy. Congressional approval ratings are at their lowest since 1994 when the Republicans scored historic gains and took control of the U.S. House for the first time in 40 years.


As Charlie Cook points out in the Cook Political Report,