Democrat Legislators Need to Put on Thinking Caps Before Making Decisions That Jeopordize Safety of Hawaii Residents

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What are the legislators thinking of? What is this about them “Poised to Officialy Oppose Provisions of Patriot Act.”

We spend a lot of time in Hawaii and are thinking about buying our own place, but if the people in charge cannot guarantee they are doing everything they can and will take advanage of all opportunities for the safety of visitors, we will not come nor will be buy. There is an article in the ”’Honolulu Advertiser”’ about tourism falling. These liberals are cutting your throats and you will not survive if they are allowed to continue their childish, stupid, disgusting time wasting silliness. Even some Republicans go along.


It may be too late for Gov. Linda Lingle to fix things. Thirty years is a long time and has allowed liberalism to grow like a virus. I would think the SARS problem, your economy, education problems, etc. would be more important for lawmakers to spend their time on.

You can pass this along to whomever you want to. We came to Hawaii during the time Pearl Harbor was under the microscope for terrorism a month or so ago. It was scary but we never dreamed the people in charge didn’t care about public safety.

I am not very coherent because I am so mad about this.

”’Linda Bartcher is a resident of Albany, Oregon and can be reached via email at:”’