Diplomatic Missteps: The State Department works for the American Left in Macedonia

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It is a beautiful country to be sure, but the small Balkan nation of Macedonia has some big problems.

As it works to satisfy cumbersome requirements for integrating into NATO and the EU, Macedonia continues to experience high unemployment and a staggering trade deficit. It has fallen victim to the eastern European criminal network active in trafficking women and children into prostitution. Both its majority and minority political parties are trying to balance national unity with ethnic recognition. It is a ticking time bomb for ethnic violence that could erupt at any moment.


The country isn’t even allowed to use its rightful name: The Greeks, still apparently reeling from the invasion of Alexander the Great, objected to the name Macedonia during the post-Communism renaming process of the 1990s. So out of the wreckage of Yugoslavia came its ludicrous official name, FYROM — the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Against this backdrop of critical economic and identity development as well as ethnic unrest, the vast majority of Macedonians think that homosexuality is a disease. Therefore, the U.S. embassy in Macedonia is using U.S. taxpayer dollars to erect billboards promoting the homosexual agenda.

Not just billboards, but graphic billboards. The large photo array includes three pictures of gay men holding each other; three pictures of women in suggestive positions (one even using elderly women); and lastly, a m