Disputing Anti-Americanism is Equivalent to Protesting War

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I find it hard to believe that people continue to assert that protesting the war with Iraq is equal to not supporting our troops who are fighting the war.

That does not make sense.


The protesters did not want the war to begin with and certainly did not want to send our troops over.

The troops did not send themselves into danger without good reason. President Bush and his Republicans did, against most of the world’s opinion.

They are the ones who are endangering our troops. Those of you who “support our troops,” do you really want them in harms’ way?

If you don’t want our troops killed, shouldn’t you be wanting to end the war and to bring them back home safely?

”’Vernon Wong is a resident of Waipahu, Hawaii and can be reached via email at:”’ mailto:Vdbwong@aol.com