Djou: Elected Officials Should Be Held to Highest Ethical Standards

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BY CONGRESSMAN CHARLES DJOU– From my time on the Honolulu  City Council, I have always been a staunch advocate for strict ethics rules. Elected officials have the highest responsibility of respecting the public trust placed in them to spend the people’s money and to craft laws governing our society. When a member of this body or any other legislative body such as the Honolulu City Council misuses their office or influence, it betrays this sacred trust.

For betrayal of trust and abuse of tax dollars, one needs to look no further than our own City Council. Rod Tam’s behavior was not only illegal but particularly offensive as a citizen holding public office, entrusted with public money. I am proud to have introduced both censure resolutions against Rod Tam and continue to call for his immediate resignation.


Elected officials should be held to the highest ethical standards and Congressman Rangel failed to maintain this high standard. That is why I gladly voted to censure him. This kind of abuse and misconduct is unbecoming of any elected leader, let alone the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee in the United States House of Representatives.

I joined an overwhelming, bipartisan majority of the House in voting to censure Congressman Rangel, while Congresswoman Hirono voted for a measure that would have reduced the censure to a reprimand, a much lighter punishment.

Congressman Charles Djou, R-Hawaii represents District 1