Eliminate the Iranian Threat

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As Iran removed United Nations seals at some of its atomic research sites and proceeded with its nuclear program, German newspapers report that the United States is coordinating with NATO for a possible military action against Iran.

As the fatherland of Islamic totalitarianism, Iran should have been our main target in this war.


In taking military action, our goal should not be to bring Iranians the vote, but to destroy the Iranian regime and the cause it fights for. We must instill fear in every person who aids or fights for Islamic totalitarianism.

We have ignored the Iranian threat for far too long. When we did the same with Afghanistan and bin Laden, we lost the Twin Towers. We can’t afford to keep appeasing Iran and risk losing New York.

”’Dr. Yaron Brook is the President of the Ayn Rand Institute in Irvine, CA”’

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