Eric Ryan Finally Get’s Busted

Eric Ryan performs the perp walk in Ewa Beach last month.
Eric Ryan performs the perp walk in Ewa Beach last month.

BY KEITH ROLLMAN – Yes, Eric Ryan the man who harasses his “enemies” with phony charges of illegal activities, has become the first one to get cuffed and hauled off by the police for actual illegal activities.  Seems that he has learned the hard way that when state judges issue restraining orders to stop you from harassing someone they actually mean it.

In September, he arrived, in his “Citizen Patrol” T-shirt and derogatory banner to “protest” a Kym Pine sign-waving group.  Previously, however, Pine had won a TRO to keep the cyber thug, Ryan, at arms length. Apparently, thumbing his nose at the state court system is a no no and get’s the full attention of HPD.

Ryan is a serial slanderer; that is what he does; apparently that is all he does.

Kym Pine is just one of Ryan’s latest targets.  He is currently focused on both Pine and Tom Berg, who have offended him in different ways.  Berg fired him, and Pine refused to pay a fraudulent bill he sent her.

There have been many others who endured a Ryan assault which typically features a defamatory website, forged email and other Internet based slander.

The list of victims grows long and includes everyone who has ever fired Mr. Ryan; or had the audacity to stand up to him. It seems, however, he can only focus his full wrath on two people at once.

This year’s District 1 City Council race places Ryan on the horns of a dilemma because it pit’s his two current “enemies,” Berg and Pine against each other. We can assume he will try to interfere in the election and make trouble for both; TRO or no TRO.

Ryan began sending fraudulent email this month purporting to be from Kym Pine and asking for money to “help” her. Any money actually goes to Ryan and his malevolent, one-man, Citizens Against Crooked Politicians.

His latest effort is a curious email campaign, which looks like a fake Pine attack piece on Berg, and claims “Rep. Pine has “essentially” joined Citizen’s Against Crooked Politicians,” Ryan’s one-man hate group.  It goes on to ask for donations so people can “help us (and help Kym Pine).”  This time Ryan goes beyond simple harassment and flirts with criminal fraud.  Clearly, he has no intention of “helping” anyone but himself. His Citizens Against Crooked Politicians current activities include a website smearing Pine and distributing fake wanted posters charging her with over a dozen “crimes.”  It is very unlikely she has “joined” his organization and zero chance he would like to “help” her in any way.

Stay tuned, as Ryan continues to try to inject his brand of defamation and dirty tricks into this campaign in his desperate and futile attempt to become relevant.




  1. TRO didn't limit his constitutional free speech… and like I said he was there an hour before Kym and her union thugs showed up to sign wave… which was why the cops didn't immediately arrest him (took over a hour for Kym to "convince" them).. she kept crying thet he was stalking her… but to be honest she showed up later…. he was already out there sign waving a hour before everyone else showed up… obviously the cops knew this was a 1st amendment rights issue – (and NOT a TRO issue) which was why they didn't immediately arrest him….

  2. In all of the business transactions we have done with his company, he has never ever "over billed" us for a print job, and many times he does much of the print work for free… so if he claims that Kym owed him money, and he has a perfect transaction record with us…. if I thought he was unethical in his business relationship – I would be the first to freely admit it… and be happy to swear to this in court if necessary, and have already provided sworn testimony to investigators showing his billing is flawless…. based on our receipts… and paper trail.. I guess we will have to disagree on this point… you call it slander, and I call it free speech. If she ripped him off, then from his perspective – she is corrupt, to me it is that simple…

  3. I wasn't feeling well tonight…then I stumbled upon all this Ewa Beach nonsense, here and all the 'informative' web sites…I've missed the humor within Ewa Beach politics…I'm feeling better now – thanks for the laughs

  4. Thad, yep that photo disproves any claim that he was stalking her….. he was so far away – you can barely see him in the photo, and he was at that location an hour prior to her showing up with the union thugs… As a disclaimer, if the roles had been reversed, I would be defending Kym, but they were not… Eric had a right to be there, and if anything he may have a right to sue the city for a violation of his first amendment rights (to protest)…. sorry folks I am just calling it like I saw it….. without any spin….

  5. I think a disinterested objective bystander would look at all this BS and call it for what it is. Oh, that would be me… First Amendment rights or not, Ryan appears to be a borderline, if not psychopathic sleaze bag (the difference being that borderline can be treated, and psychopathic is a lost cause).

    He has clearly been harassing Pine, and no thinking person is going to dispute that fact Unless of course, they have an agenda of their own, like trying to get elected???

    This guy Capelouto by my reading is actually doing his opponents a favor, his claims are so outrageous, his ad hominem and straw man fallacious arguments are so obvious and his malice so evident, that I think anybody that reads his poison penned diatribe is going to give Pine a sympathy vote even if they didn't like her in the first place.

  6. Dean, it is interesting that you are telling people to get their facts straight. You and Eric are well aware that Kym Pine has her sign waving schedule published on her website so to imply everyone was there innocently with no knowledge and without an agenda is ridiculous. He obviously stalks her website. Eric is a smart guy and knows how to work the system. I tried to be polite and get his side of the story on things, but its clear he is exactly what everyone says he is. And everyone knows he showed up early and in that spot intentionally to screw with her, let us just be honest here. Oh and I am sure Eric is taking great care of you, you are probably his only client right now. Make no mistake though, he has an agenda and is recording and documenting every single thing he does with you, and if your relationship every ends, you would be naive to think that information wont be made public. Why would expect to be any different? He has a well known history of people trusting him and then later saying, "what was I thinking?" Do you really think that you are the exception? I don't mean to be rude, but honestly anyone who would side with Eric Ryan publicly doesn't instill my confidence. It tells me you are naive and an easy mark. there are lots of much better things to take a strong position on. This is probably not one you want to touch, if you expect to get people's votes.

  7. So since she had the date and time posted that gave her exclusive rights to that section of the road? Last I checked it is a public area and anybody can be there. I don't know. Is there a city permit required for sign waving? Does that permit give a candidate exclusive rights to that area during that time? If not, then Pine is in the wrong on this one. Was he there to thumb his nose at her? I bet he was. But having him arrested when he wasn't breaking any laws is stupid on her part. I'm trying to decide who to vote for and this doesn't put her in a good light. And no, I don't know anybody involved in this silliness. Of course if Eric has a legitimate financial claim against Pine, he should be dealing with it in court. If he is sending out fraudulant emails and looking for fraudulant donations, then get him arrested for that. Stop all the foolishness and put up or shut up. On both sides.

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