Eugene Asher Award Seeking Nominations for Distinguished Teaching

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    The American Historical Association (AHA) is accepting nominations for the Eugene Asher Award for Distinguished Teaching.

    The award recognizes outstanding teaching and advocacy for history teaching at two-year, four-year, and graduate colleges and universities. The award is named for the late Eugene Asher, for many years a leading advocate for history education. The Society for History Education shares with the AHA the sponsorship of this award.


    The award is intended for inspiring teachers whose techniques and mastery of subject matter made a real difference to students of history. Nominations of mentors or teaching colleagues are appropriate. An individual may not nominate his or her thesis adviser (current or within the past five years). At the time of nomination, a nominee must still be alive but may be retired or emeritus. Each letter of nomination must include the address (home & work) of the nominee.

    Letters of nomination (no more than two pages each) should be submitted to the AHA. The prize committee will select a short list of finalists, each of whom will be asked to electronically provide five copies of a short curriculum vitae (CV) and a syllabus or syllabi, and a teaching statement to a total of 15 pages or less.

    The recipient will be invited to attend the award presentation at the 2011 annual meeting in Boston and will receive a $1,000 award.

    The letter of nomination must be postmarked by April 15, 2010. Only the letter of nomination should be mailed -not faxed- to:

    Eugene Asher Distinguished Teaching Award,

    American Historical Association

    400 A Street, SE,

    Washington, DC 20003-3889

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