Fight For Our Flag – HB1468 Will Be Heard Wednesday

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BY KYMBERLY PINE –  House Bill 1468 – Most of you are familiar with the issue of our home owner/residential community association boards limiting their members display of American and State Flags on their own private property – despite the federal Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005.


This bill, HB 1468, brings Hawaii into compliance with the federal law as well as ensuring that these home owners may display their American Flag continuously 365 days a year despite any association board’s regulation, covenant, or similar binding agreement to the contrary.

It also removes any fee you would have to pay to display our Flag.



COME TO THE HEARING and give your testimony.  Be sure to submit your testimony via email immediately to:

Rep. Rida Cabanilla at and, and call 586-6080 and urge her to pass this bill for which we have worked so hard.

If you cannot make it to the hearing, PLEASE EMAIL YOUR TESTIMONY to Rep. Cabanilla’s office.  Please copy our office on your testimony in either case, and let us know if we can expect you at the hearing.

House Bill 1468 will be heard by the Committee on Housing on Wednesday, February 2, 2010 at 8:30am in State Capitol Conference Room 325.

Persons wishing to offer comments should submit testimony at least 24 hours prior to the hearing with a transmittal cover indicating:

·     Testifier’s name with position/title and organization;

·     The Committee the comments are directed to; (The Committee on Housing)

·     The date and time of the hearing;  (Wednesday, February 2, 2011 – 8:30am)

·     Measure number; and (House Bill 1468)

·     The number of copies the Committee is requesting.

Submit testimony in ONE of the following ways:

PAPER:  For comments more than 5 pages in length; 25 copies (including an original) to Room 404 in the State Capitol;

FAX:       For comments less than 5 pages in length, transmit to 586-9496.

EMAIL: For comments less than 5 pages in length, transmit to and

See a sample of testimony that was submitted last year:

Testimony submitted will be placed on the Legislative Web site after the hearing adjourns.  The public posting of testimony on the Web site should be considered when including personal information in your testimony.
Similar legislation has already been passed to allow different alternative energy exemptions, and most notably allow residents to hang their laundry on clotheslines, despite any association rules to the contrary.

Many of you are the ones who have brought this issue to the forefront, and we have fought very hard to obtain this basic right for people on their own property.  We believe we have a better than ever chance of seeing this accomplished this year, and I need your help

To get your copy of HB1468 – Click Here:

Please contact us with any questions.

REP. KYMBERLY MARCOS PINE, District 43 – Ewa Beach, Puuloa, West Loch Fairways, Iroquois Point, submitted this commentary.





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