Fighting for Reform in Quarantine

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As I write this letter my husband and I are on the brink of our long awaited retirement to Hawaii. Sixteen years ago we purchased a beautiful piece of property in Kona, we scrimped, saved, slaved, and shed much sweat and many tears to make our retirement dreamhome work. Now we are just the months away from retirement. Almost 16 years ago we rescued the cutest little black and white kitten, Skeeter, from the “jaws of death,, he was about to be destroyed by the humane society.

Skeeter is the best cat any person could ask for, he is not just your ordinary cat, he has been our companion and “faithful cat” since we brought him home. He does not know he is a cat, he thinks he is one of us. We have always told him that we couldn’t wait for him to see the beauty of Hawaii and that we would get him a nice hala hat … one that his ears would fit through so he could bask his old bones in the sunshine.


Skeeter is a housecat, always has been. We had always hoped that the antiquated quarantine would be lifted long ago so that our healthy, vibrant, and now an almost 16-year-old cat would not have to go through the separation from us, not to mention the shock of the quarantine area and all of its horror stories. It is not right that a pet with well documented veterinary records, micro-chip, blood tests, etc., etc., should have to go through ”’any”’ quarantine period.

”’Please do away with the pet quarantine”’ for all dogs and cats that have had met all of the required qualifications … please don’t make Skeeter go through the pain of the quarantine. …

”’Joan Lamont is a resident of Los Gatos, California, and can be reached via email at:”’