Fighting to Stop Crime in Hawaii-Three Strikes Law Should be Passed – Take Action

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Hawaii has a crime problem. Hawaii has an infestation of career criminals.

For what reason do criminals feel the need to participate in criminal behavior?


I will no longer tolerate Hawaii’s infestation of career criminals. I support Rep. Bud Stonebraker in his fight to establish a “three-strike” law in Hawaii. Hawaii is long overdue.

California has a law known as the “three-strikes law.” This law prevents repeat offenders of felony crimes from committing another crime again. Criminals receive a sentence of no less than 25 years to life in prison. After passing legislation in 1994, California saw a dramatic reduction in crime statistics in 1995 and 1996. In addition, residents of California felt safer.

This law is not about being a Democrat or a Republican. This law’s intention is to deter career criminals from committing crimes and to put an end to the careers of criminals. Repeat offenders do need deserve a second or third opportunity to commit more crimes. Lives have been lost because we have allowed the justice system to become tolerant of deviant behavior.

Coworkers, friends and family members do not have to become a victim of crime. Show your support in the establishment of a “three-strike” law by calling your legislator. You can also sign a petition I have started. Contact me at:

”’To reach legislators, see:”’ “Representatives at a Glance” and “Senators at a Glance”

”’Mario K. Macagba is a student at the University of Hawaii-Kapiolani Community College studying Sociology/Political Science. He can be reached via email at:”’