Final Day for Early Voting or Mailing in Absentee Votes; Ben and Vicky Cayetano Featured in Hawaii Reporter Television Special;Selling Koolaid Prepped PRP Hawaii’s John White for Job He Has Today

Elections 2012
Graphic: Emily Metcalf
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Elections 2012
Graphic: Emily Metcalf

Final Day for Early Voting or Mailing in Absentee Votes

Today is the final days to walk in to Honolulu Hale, Kapolei Hale or the Pali Golf Course Banquet Hall to vote by absentee or to send in absentee votes by mail.


Polls show several races in a statistical dead heat, including Ed Case and Mazie Hirono, candidates in the U.S. Senate Primary.

Former Gov. Ben Cayetano could also win the Honolulu mayor’s election by 50 percent plus one vote, or be forced into a run off with either Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle or former Managing Director Kirk Caldwell.

If you miss voting by absentee, you can go to the polls on the Primary election day, this Saturday, August 11, between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Reapportionment and redistricting may have changed from your 2010 polling place.

If you are registered to vote, you should have received a YELLOW postcard, notifying you of where your 2012 polling place is.

For questions about polling place locations, call the City Clerk’s office at 768-3800.

Tune into KHVH News Radio and Hawaii News Now on Saturday evening for election analysis from Hawaii Reporter and other Hawaii media.

Ben and Vicky Cayetano Featured in Hawaii Reporter Television Special

Former Gov. Ben Cayetano and his wife Vicky

Today we are airing a 23-minute special on Hawaii Reporter Television on Ben and Vicky Cayetano and their life in Hawaii.

The television special, which can be found at the top of the web site, features the former Governor and his wife at their home in Waialae Iki.

They share many personal stories about their life together, their upbringing, their family, what they love about each other, and what advice they have for today’s youth.

Cayetano talks about what drove him to run for Honolulu mayor, and what he thinks about the Pacific Resource Partnership’s attempt to undermine his campaign by spending nearly $1 million to attack and discredit him.

Log on today to to see the special report that you won’t see anywhere else.

By the way, Hawaii Reporter offered to feature the two other Honolulu mayoral candidates, but Kirk Caldwell’s campaign said he was too busy to give us 45 minutes of his time for the interview and messages left for the Peter Carlisle campaign went unreturned.

Selling Kool-aid Prepped John White for Job He Has Today

Many people have asked Hawaii Reporter: “Who is John White of Pacific Resource Partnership, and where did he come from?”

PRP chief executive John White (PRP photo)

White, of course, is the face on the PRP Hawaii campaign that spent some $1 million targeting Ben Cayetano to stop him from being elected mayor. Cayetano has threatened to sue White for the so-called smear against him.

White is also responsible for Imua Rail, the campaign that is promoting the city’s rail project.

While he was the 2008 chief of staff for Congresswoman Mazie Hirono, he was featured in the DC Newspaper The Hill.

He said he went to school in Honolulu and attended the University of Arkansas.

Later in 2010, he ran for Honolulu City Council, but Ernie Martin went on to beat White.

White may have disclosed to The Hill two facts that make him the perfect person for that PRP Hawaii position: He loves the spotlight – and most importantly, his first job was selling Kool-aid.

 See the Hill’s full report here