First Insurance Company of Hawaii Issues Claim Reporting Contacts and Guidelines

Hurricane Iselle
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Hurricane IselleHONOLULU – With the approach of Hurricanes Iselle and Julio toward Hawaii, First Insurance Company of Hawaii (FICOH) has dispatched additional catastrophe adjusters from the mainland and arranged for catastrophe call center operators to be available over the weekend to take claims.

Claims may be reported via the following numbers:


Storm-related claims:
Catastrophe call center: 1-888-FICOH 4 U (1-888-342-6448)

All other claims:
Oahu: (808) 527-7711
Neighbor Islands toll free: (800) 272-5202
Fax: (808) 545-3120

Here are tips to stay safe during and after the storm and to help you through the claims process.

During the storm:
•      If you stay home during a tropical storm or hurricane, always stay indoors and away from windows and glass doors. Get on the side of the house opposite from the wind.
•      Use telephones for emergencies only.
•      Listen for radio or television reports from the National Weather Service and follow instructions.
•      Avoid using utilities during the storm. Instead, rely on battery-powered appliances and use candles with caution.
•      If you evacuate your home, take family pets and other valuables with you. You may not have the opportunity to retrieve these items later.

After the storm:
•      Protect your health by making sure refrigerated food has not spoiled.
•      Watch for falling objects as weakened tree limbs or structural debris may collapse and cause serious injury.
•      Avoid electrical shock by not touching any wires or objects that are in contact with them.
•      Monitor radio and/or television for reports before leaving your home or evacuation shelter.

In the event of a loss:
•      Report your loss promptly.
•      Report your loss only once.
•      Provide the following information with the report of a loss:

➢      Policy Number
➢      Named Insured on the Policy
➢      Date, Time, and Location of the loss or damage
➢      Description of the damage
➢      All contact information for the insured and/or representatives
➢      If multiple buildings, please specify which buildings are damaged with specific addresses

After a claim has been received, a claims representative will call to speak with you about the loss and arrange an inspection of the damaged property. This list is intended to help you with the claims process.

•      Look for potential safety risks. If the building is unstable, do not enter.
•      Report downed power lines or gas leaks to authorities as soon as possible.
•      Make emergency repairs to your building to mitigate your damages when safe.
•      Protect personal property from further damage.
•      Do not discard any item without first speaking with a claims representative
•      Keep an accurate record of any repair expenditures
•      Be prepared to provide copies of all documents (inventories, receipts, invoices, etc.) to the claims representative.

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