Flight Survival

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Want to make that flight to the mainland more comfortable? Here are a few tips from a veteran of the airways.

Make a comfort kit: In the good old days, first class international passengers were given a travel kit on each flight. It contained wonderful little amenities that made the trip easier. I have developed my own and keep it stocked at all times. Find a purse or bag about the size of a book. When you get on the plane, pull it out of your carryon and keep it next to you through the flight.


Ideas for your kit: hand lotion, lip balm, comb or brush, eye shades, ear plugs, blow-up neck pillow, melatonin, aspirin, bandaids, gum, mirror, eye drops (or contact lens solution and small contact carrying case), small package of tissues, small washcloth in ziplock bag, tea bags of your favorite decaf and regular tea, pen and small notepad, reading glasses. Most recently I stopped by the hardware store and picked up a mask for those winter flights filled with folks who couldn’t stay home and brought their cold for us all to share. A small bottle of Eucalyptus oil can’t hurt for the same reason. I also carry small bottle of tea tree oil for those occasional cuts and irritations.

Carry water always! Don’t bet on them giving you water until you are almost an hour out. There are wonderful carrying cases for water bottles that make it easy to carry it comfortably over your shoulder.

Carry snacks. Because of the long check in times these days, you may find yourself hungry as you get on the plane. Again, most food service doesn’t start for at least an hour. And not all airports are fully stocked with restaurants and options. Pick up energy bars, crackers, nuts and dried fruits “just in case.” Remember you cannot bring fruit to Hawaii.

Get there early: It is a good idea to get to the airport at least 2 1/2