Follow the Money (again)

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BY CONGRESSMAN ED CASE (D-HI, 2002-2007) – “The Senator from Hawai’i.”

But will our next U. S. Senator be the Senator for Hawai’i? All of Hawai’i, first and always?


As my primary opponent (Mazie Hirono) floods the airwaves with her paid infomercials in these remaining 20 days, follow the money. Who’s really paying for all this, what do they want, and who’ll fight for us?

Let’s start with the mostly DC insider special interest PACs and other political committees. They’ve given my opponent over $700,000 in this campaign, and over $2 million, almost a third of all of her contributions, over her career. I’ve received a little over $10,000 in this campaign and only 8% over my career.

And whose support comes mostly from Hawai’i voters with a stake in Hawaii’s future rather than mostly from mainland/DC interests? Fully 64% of all of my opponent’s PAC and itemized (over $200/reported) contributions are from mainland donors, while fully 76% of mine are from Hawai’i donors.

This clear difference matters. My candidacy offers a Senator for Hawai’i with the ability, independence, commitment and marching orders to get DC working again and to fight for Hawai’i first and always on Capitol Hill. My opponent would be so enmeshed from day one in a paralyzing grip of DC-centered status quo special interests that she could neither deliver real change in DC nor achieve what Hawai’i needs back home.

I’m deeply grateful to all of our great donors, who want a Senator who’s a national leader from Hawai’i and for Hawai’i. Together with our great statewide grassroots campaign, you’ve given us the momentum to win on August 11th. Now let’s work even harder to achieve our goal together.