Former Army Officer and Candidate for State Senate Believes a Nationwide Currency Crisis is Fast Approaching and Could Impact Hawaii

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Mike Greco

PEARL CITY, HI – Former Hawaii Army National Guard Captain Mike Greco, having recently appeared on Olelo Community Television during a segment of Meet the Candidates, discussed unstable monetary policies which he says are likely driving up the cost of living for the people in Hawaii.

Prior to his Army service, Greco, a graduate of the University of Hawaii Manoa, served as a Naval Aircrewman with the VP-4 Skinny Dragons at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.  During two western-Pacific deployments, his aircrew conducted maritime security and anti-submarine warfare missions throughout the Pacific Ocean and Persian Gulf.  His service included maritime security patrols during Operation Desert Fox.  Greco is running for the State Senate District 16 to represent the citizens of Aiea and Pearl City; a seat currently held by David Ige.


Greco, a member of the Republican Party, garnered close to 1400 votes in the August primary and is well positioned to attract significant blocks of Independent, Libertarian and Democrat votes in the general election.  Greco is opposed to new taxes, the controversial rail project and excessive government spending and regulations which he says are “stifling economic recovery and job creation”.

In the Olelo video Greco says, “Today the middle class is shrinking…manufacturing jobs are long gone…and your savings earns close to nothing.  Demand for housing and consumer goods is weak… wages are stagnant…and a record number of Americans are on food stamps…”  Greco, who is pursuing an MBA in accounting and holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Hawaii, cites a recent Federal Reserve announcement which he says could spark a national monetary crises and opines “in the event of a dollar crisis, Hawaii would be particularly vulnerable…politicians and authorities will claim the [monetary] crisis couldn’t have been foreseen…and sacrifices must be made by the people…they may even insist you give up civil liberties in exchange for temporary security…Make no mistake about it, the warning signs of such a crisis are here, and many people, including myself, have been sounding the alarm bells for quite some time…”

Greco is currently the treasurer of the Aiea Neighborhood Board and president of Greco Construction Inc., an Aiea-based construction consulting firm.  Greco is married to Dr. Elsie Greco.

Submitted by the Greco Campaign