Former Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Endorses Republican House Candidate

Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona
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Former Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona

BY DUKE AIONA – Throughout my public service as lieutenant governor I have had the opportunity and pleasure to meet with some outstanding young leaders from across the state.

One of those young leaders was Beth Fukumoto. Beth is running for House Representative to represent the people in the 36th District (Mililani/Mililani-Mauka). I am writing you to ask for your support.


Beth Fukumoto currently works as Director of Research for the House Minority Caucus, but her career in the legislature spans over several years as a Legislative Analyst and Chief of Staff for Minority Leader Representative Gene Ward.

In my opinion this experience has provided Beth with the necessary knowledge, skills, and wisdom to be an excellent representative for the people of District 36.

Her tenure during the worst fiscal challenge our state legislature has ever been confronted with, has afforded her with an opportunity to understand and appreciate the importance of fiscal accountability and responsibility.

Through her leadership and assistance State House Republicans were able to create, develop, and present a state budget proposal that would have balanced our state budget without raising taxes and/or fees.

The newly created 36th District is a reflection of Beth – young, vibrant, and conservative.

To learn more about Beth and her campaign visit her website at

Please join me today in supporting the leaders of tomorrow!

Aloha ke Akua,



Duke Aiona