Forum Addresses Cybercrime on the Rise

Photo: Emily Metcalf
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Photo: Emily Metcalf

Members of the Hawaii House of Representatives will host an Informational Briefing on Cybercrime on Tuesday, July 12 at 10:00 a.m. at the Hawaii State Capitol, Conference Room 309.

The purpose of the briefing will be to discuss the scope of Internet crime, its growing sophistication, and ways that existing state statutes should be strengthened.


The briefing will be chaired by retired Police Captain George Fontaine, who now serves as a representative from Maui.  The Vice Chair of the event will be Rep. Kymberly Pine of Ewa Beach.

“The astounding thing about this type of crime is the variety of abuses.  Attacks can come from a known acquaintance or a complete stranger sitting on his or her computer on the other side of the world and can cause financial, social and emotional damage,” said Rep. George Fontaine.

“Since these crimes are so far reaching, I believe our laws must go further.  As always, the Legislature can best help Hawaii residents when the lines of communication are open,” added Rep. Kymberly Pine.

Speakers will include the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney White Collar Crime Unit, a Forensic Computer Crime expert, and a University of Hawaii expert on cybercrimes. Federal and local law enforcement officials specializing in cybercrimes and victims of cybercrime from across the state have also been invited to speak.

Cybercrime includes a broad range of issues, including harassment, financial fraud, identity fraud and theft, stalking, bullying and luring underage minors via the Internet.

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