Four Principles to Make Your Goal Setting Easy, Effective and Fun

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Ah, goals and planning! Often misunderstood, sometimes mysterious and generally a difficult to grasp because of their intangible nature. If you’re like most people, you know you need to have written goals to reach your maximum potential. But if so many people know the facts about written goals and the correlation with higher levels of success, how come so few people have written goals?

For many people, making the goals-planning-achievement process fun, profitable and fulfilling seems impossible, so they figure, “Why bother?” But, there is a simple step-by-step process that you can follow to quickly make your goals a reality.


In an article of this size I can’t begin to bring out the full details of the process. But what I can do today is briefly highlight the four principles that will make your goal setting and achievement more successful than you can imagine.

”Principle No. 1: Accept Change as Inevitable and Make it Your Ally.”

The silent killer of your goals and dreams is the wrong attitude towards change. Many people get tricked into thinking, “Why plan? After all, something always happens that changes my plans anyway.” But this attitude does more to rob people of their God-given destiny than any other.

Your response to change will determine how wealthy, satisfied and balanced you are. And how you respond to change is rooted in your goals and planning.

”Principle No. 2: Become a Treasure Hunter.”

Treasure Hunters know they are not going to find gold and diamonds just lying on top of the ground so they survey, scour and dig to uncover hidden jewels. It’s the same thing for you and your own “natural resources.” Once you’ve clearly identified your own diamonds and polished them to your liking, you’ve got a real advantage. Now you know what resources you already have that will “fund” the journey of reaching your goals, and what resources you still need to obtain.

”Principle No. 3: Understand Your Behavioral Strengths.”

The next step is to thoroughly understand your behavioral strengths. What I mean by this is you must fully understanding the way you communicate, what motivates you and knowing the values/attitudes that are most important to you. If you take the time to identify and understand your behavioral strengths, you’ll know where to focus your energy for exponential results. The most successful people in the world put their entire energy and focus into areas that use their natural strengths.

”Principle No. 4: Define Your Passion and You’ll find Your Niche.”

Just as no one person can be great at all things, there is no one magical way to motivate all people to achieve their goals. Once you determine your natural skills and behavioral strengths, the next step is to match them with your passion. This will allow you to put your energy into something that is fun and self-motivating. Developing goals in a niche that you are passionate about and applying your natural strengths will catapult you to new and higher levels of success — no matter how successful you already are!

Once you have these four principles well established, you will have laid the foundation to successfully reach more goals in 12-months than you have in the last seven years! And if you