From Getting Educated to Being Considerate

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”Credentials – How Important Are They?”


Dear Dr. Gelb:

I am a caregiver in a day care center and I love caring for the kids but I don’t respect the job because it doesn’t take any brains to do it. You don’t even need a degree to do it. I may go to college one day, but now I need to just earn a living. How important is it that the job we have requires a degree? Does it make the job more important if it’s one that says you must be a doctor, or a lawyer or something to do it? Every day at work this bothers me.

Earning a living

Dear Earning:

A lot of people suffer guilt for being ignorant. It appears that you are making an effort to change this. Many of us have had to perform subordinate and mundane jobs to further our career. Some of the most important leaders have had to wash dishes or shovel manure in stables in order to survive the road to higher education.

”Noise – Why Don’t Neighbors Care?”

Dear Dr. Gelb:

I live in a condo where people let their heavy front doors slam when they go in or out, making a bothersome noise. Management has requested residents be aware of this noise, but it hasn’t helped. Why are people so inconsiderate? We are fighting a war overseas to improve quality of life, yet we are not even willing to fix the problem in our own homes.

No Peace

Dear Peace:

Now you can see why many people refer to condo living as “cliff-dwelling.” The environment is not unlike what many students in dormitories experience. While house rules and by-laws typically protect one’s right to quiet enjoyment, occupants cannot be responsible for changing each others’ lifestyles. If there are bothersome conditions, that are not protected, then “selective hearing” can be useful to enable one to become accustomed to the condition.

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