From Paying Attention to Yourself to Managing Teenage Rebellion

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”Taking Care of Me — Why the Selfish Feelings?”


Dear Dr. Gelb:

I’m 35 and on a path of getting my act together. Since the New Year I’ve been exercising, lost weight and I’m changing jobs. This is long overdue but why do I feel so selfish about all the focus on me?

Prioritizing Me

Dr. Gelb says . . .

Dear Prioritizing:

Congratulations on what appears to be the development of self-respect and self-love, along with a feeling of self-pride. There is nothing selfish about that. Keep up the good work.

”Too Little, Too Late — How To Manage Teenage Rebellion?”

Dear Dr. Gelb:

My 16-year-old has been violating his curfew and cutting classes. Sometimes I think I am too strict with him, then some things happen and I think I am not strict enough. He says I worry too much and I’m the “uncoolest mom.” How can I get him back on track? Is it too late?

Uncool Mom

Dr. Gelb says . . .

Dear Uncool:

Parents should never allow themselves to be manipulated by their children. Being compared negatively to other parents suggests such an attempt. Hopefully you are not too late. If I were you, I’d keep up the restrictions, apply consistent, appropriate discipline and offer consequences for rebellion. Your son will most likely thank you for it when he gets older.

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