From the Beach at Waikiki: Slices of Life in Hawaii

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Out at Waikiki,
By the sobbing sea,
Is where most tourists glow,
This helps the economy so.


Since this is where Hawai’i’s “Economic Engine,” is centered, I’ve volunteered to be Hawaii Reporter’s resident son of a beach.

I first focus on Tiki’s at the Hotel Aston where they’re quick to pick up ideas.  I notice they have a daily “Happy Hour”—as do other Waikiki watering spots promoting a similar singular thing.

“Do people stay just an hour?” I asked.  “Longer, we hope,” was the answer.  Then why not change your grammar and up the appeal—make it “Happy Hours.”  That’s what they now have posted—it may be an exclusive in Waikiki where other places only feature lower prices for one hour, and don’t urge customers to enjoy bargains longer than that–or maybe they don’t know how to say it.

So, with a simple “S” Tiki’s has a Waikiki exclusive—Happy Hours.

Their proper grammar is good for business, for people are encouraged to remain happier for less for longer than an hour.

As a former fan of the Steinfeld TV Show I knew about the appeal and drama of that show’s “Soup Nazi.”  This place has a mellow soul in the kitchen called “B” who has a soup of the day—a different flavor daily.  I suggested he freeze-package his mushroom soup and distribute it as a nutritious gourmet treat:

“Just bake a potato and layer it with the soup as gravy, and it’s a meal unto itself.  Addictive, too.”  They’ve were enthusiastic about my “S”, but that’s all.

The bar takes a blasting when the rains pour ‘cause it is open air (Hotel Aston) which means gorgeous sunset views of Waikiki—but it’s been chilly during the recent time. Some, like me, hunker up
to the bar and watch the sports TV.   Hey, when you have bargain hours, instead of just one, who minds a little bad weather?

Tiki’s is a tourist mecca that’s also about 50% local customers.   A big draw are local musicians. Performers get a chance to do their thing on a intimate stage and fans come along.

Everyone at the bar can speak “local” as well as the other kine.

It’s a  glimpse of Waikiki not just for visitors.  So many places to see and slices of life to experience down here, I’ll let you know what’s happening where Hawaii’s economic engine churns.