From Withdrawals of Gifts to Promotion of Manners

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”Graduation Gift – Don’t I Deserve It?”


Dear Dr. Gelb:

I’m 17, almost 18, my grades are ok, and I’m gonna work over the summer. My parents promised me a car when I graduate, but now they say that because I won’t get the GPA needed for college, I am too irresponsible for a car. Don’t you think that’s unfair?


Dear Wheels:

It appears that you blew it. In the past you have obviously lived up to your parents’ expectations for a GPA, and something must have caused your grades to plummet. If I were you, I’d do something, perhaps summer school, to bring the GPA back up to meet the expectation so that the car can be feasible.

”Manners – Out of the Question?”

Dear Dr. Gelb:

There is a commercial on TV that promotes role models and it shows an adult burping as a way of being a role model to a younger boy. This bothers me. How can we hope to raise a generation of well-mannered kids with this type of role-modeling?


Dear Concerned:

I, too, get sick at my stomach when I observe our young people being exposed to poor role modeling. I wish something could be done to censor the inappropriate messages that our youth are subjected to. I believe that is one of the major reasons why such foul language and rude behavior is expressed in public. You certainly have my empathy.

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