Fukushima Taiko Groups to thank Hawaii for Disaster Relief

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The Fukushima Taiko Union, comprised of over 50 drumming ensembles from the Japanese prefecture of Fukushima, will be presenting a Mahalo Concert at Lahaina Jodo Mission on Sunday, July 6th, 2014 from 6pm to 8pm. The concert, titled “Mahalo Hawaii: Drums of Fukushima Sunset Concert,” is free to the public, and will feature Adatara Daiko, Atago Jindaiko Renkyo Kazagumi, Soma Nomaoi Daiko, and Uneme Daiko, an all-female troupe, alongside event co-sponsor, Maui Taiko.

Following the triple disaster that befell the Tohoku region of Japan in 2011, the people of Maui admirably united to support the thousands whose lives were devastated by the earthquake, tsunami, and ensuing nuclear disaster. The “Mahalo Hawaii: Drums of Fukushima Sunset Concert” will be held to thank the many generous supporters who sent aid to the disaster stricken region.  Special thanks goes out to the Aloha Initiative Program, Japanese Cultural Society of Maui, Maui Fukushima Kenjin Kai, and Maui Taiko.


Forty-five individuals, representing eight groups from the Fukushima Taiko Union and including the president of the Aomori Taiko Union, will be making the trip to Maui. The tour is led by Hisakatsu Yokoyama from the Futaba County, where 65,000 residents were forced to evacuate along with the 134,000 evacuated from Fukushima Prefecture.

Featured in the program will be a joint performance by Soma Nomaoi Daiko and Maui Taiko. The piece was initially taught to Maui Taiko during the group’s 2012 Maui Taiko Aloha Tour to Japan.  The groups performed the piece while overlooking the Fukushima nuclear evacuation zone.  It was one of many emotional and heartfelt tributes to honor those who perished or were affected by the triple disaster. During the 2012 tour, Maui Taiko shared the film “Great Grandfather’s Drum” at several screenings, toured disaster areas, participated in exchanges with communities that had been displaced or otherwise affected, and performed at numerous venues, including in front of 2000 at the prestigious Fukushima Taiko Festival, which celebrated its 25 anniversary in 2014. The friendships that developed during the “Aloha Tour” inspired this “Mahalo Tour”.

The “Mahalo Hawaii: Drums of Fukushima Sunset Concert” is free to the public. Water and refreshments will be     on sale. The public is encouraged to bring folding chairs, and blankets are welcome on the lawn.   Other limited seating will be available for seniors. The concert will take place at the Lahaina Jodo Mission on Sunday, July 6th, 2014. For additional information, please contact Maui Taiko at (808) 283-9999 or taiko@mauitaiko.com.