Gay Unions – Exposing 'Shoddy Reporting' and 'Political Naughtiness' of the Press

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”’Editor’s Note: Jeffrey Bingham Mead, who is the head of the Log Cabin Republicans of Hawaii, a conservative group for Republican gays, received the following question regarding gay unions.”’

”’Dear Jeffrey:”’


It seems as if everywhere you turn today same-sex marriage has emerged again as the top societal issue in the coming elections. The Massachusetts Supreme Court made an important ruling, including an advisory one, that said civil unions were not enough to satisfy their interpretation of Constitutional requisites. The mayor of San Francisco has unilaterally started to issue same-sex marriage certificates in the name of civil disobedience, and I hear Mayor Daley of Chicago is planning the same thing. Tonight I saw on the news snippets about a hearing on civil unions in Hawaii. One of the newspapers in Honolulu quoted gay activists as saying Linda Lingle promised to support civil unions. What’s going on?

”’Perplexed and Shocked”’

”’Dear Perplexed:”’

Yes, indeed, things are a poppin’ thither and yon regarding same-sex marriage, from the rocky shores of Cape Cod to the Golden Gate of San Francisco. It all seems to have taken on a life of its own, or so it appears. What a circus. I personally think it’s much more choreographed behind the scenes among diverse gay bimboy and bimbette activists than we realize. Get these people real jobs.

I also saw that article in the Feb. 19 editions of ”’The Honolulu Advertiser”’ and the ”’Honolulu Star-Bulletin,”’ and I was fuming at the shoddy reporting and political naughtiness exhibited by the editors of those paper and the hench-queers who, again, misrepresented and maligned Linda Lingle. In no uncertain terms did Candidate Linda Lingle nor did she as governor of Hawaii, offer any support for civil unions or gay marriage. I am convinced, as I have been saying to the Hawaii Republicans for some time now, that all this is being timed to distract from Gov. Lingle’s initiatives, legislatively and otherwise, to reform our civil service system, make Hawaii more business-friendly, and most importantly of all, to create localized school board districts and allow parents to govern their local schools. Oh, horrors if that should happen.

The shoddy reporting in Honolulu’s two dailes has become almost farcical. No attempt was made to identify Bill Woods as the head of the Gay and Lesbian Caucus of the Hawaii Democratic Party, and Martin Rice’s role as district chair of the Hawaii Democratic Party was conspicuously omitted. I wonder why.

In 1998 and again in 2002 it was Hawaii’s hyper-white-liberal hench-queer Democrats, with the ascent of conflicted and equally hyper-white-liberal Republicans yearning for acceptance and political accommodation with the left, that was behind the rumors, lies and innuendoes about Lingle, Joe Gomes, and other Republicans. All of it was intended to arose the ire of social and religious conservatives, and ultimately distract and split the Hawaii Republicans. I have some news for them; no one bought it in 2003, and we have not forgotten. It is a permanent stain on the gay Hawaii liberal political establishment. A pox on all their houses.

Tonight I was able via the television news to glance at snippets of the Hawaii State House Judiciary hearings on the civil unions law, which would replace a reciprocal beneficiaries law that is already working. Interestingly, only one of the broadcasts mentioned that there weren’t enough votes on the committee to vote on it. Focus groups cost money, and with the Hawaii Democrats pleading poverty these days it would not surprise me if all this was intended to simply gauge public feelings on the subject of gay rights and civil unions. After all, this is an important election year. Hawaii’s gay white hyper-liberal neo-Stalinist political commissars have falsely claimed for years that their numbers are substantial, enough to tilt the balance of power. What a hoot.

I found the televised testimony uninspiring and unimpressive, devoid of any substantive scholarly discussion at all. In short, it was boring.

On one side of the TV news was Tulsi Gabbard Tamayo, who while being articulate, poised and well-spoken, read from a script. If she were my student she would have been far more effective departing from it and speaking extemporaneously. Some might surmise that it was written by her father, City Councilman Mike Gabbard, who launched and won the 1998 battle over state-recognition of same-sex marriage.

In the other corner was the Hawaii Gay Community Mommie-Dearest-in-Residence and Matron of Victimology Carolyn Martinez Golojuch of the People’s Republic of PFLAG-Oahu. I laughed out loud when she proclaimed that she burned her marriage license tonight in protest. If I were her husband I would have soaked it in gasoline and lit the match myself many years ago. I was amused to no end when the cameras zoomed in on her son, Michael, Jr., whose habit of ripping down crosses in the name of advancing radicalized atheism and his insatiable need for media attention, defaming gay and straight conservative republicans, and stating his political theology at the Family Day parade by parroting the Lilo character in the Lilo & Stitch movie (“Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind,” from a bullhorn. Yup.) endears him to a declining number of gays daily. The wounded-puppy-dog eyes in front of the cameras should win him an Academy Award.

Much of this is an effort on the part of two rather symbiotic camps to rev up their political engines and probably vent at each other, perhaps with a view toward gaining clout in the coming elections. I find such exchanges rather dull and detract, in fact, from a substantive discussion on this and other issues. Kindly remember that President Bush supports a “Constitutional process” on such matters. Sadly, such a process is not always calm, serene or substantive. The mayor of San Francisco, acting pre-emptively and unilaterally, has been operating outside such a process. Judge Moore In Alabama was required to have the Ten Commandments removed from his courthouse for acting in such a manner. What fate, if any, shall befall Mayor Newsom?

All is not what it seems, be it in Hawaii, San Francisco or Massachusetts. Consider openly gay Democratic U.S. Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts, who refers to Log Cabin Republicans as “Uncle Tom’s Cabin Club,” has come out against the performance of gay weddings in San Francisco. He comes from Kerry-country, and as he admits, the timing and political expediency does not look favorable to his cause:

Please read this piece in The Nation and scroll down to the very end and see why it is sad that gay and lesbian couples are being manipulated and in my view exploited for leftist gains. Remind yourself that the Hawaii Democrats have the separation of church and state written in its platform:

My political director had this comment in November 2003 about what is also behind this:

“No, gay marriage is not about gaining protections (anyone two gay guys with a power of attorney, living trust, and family limited partnership can get hospital visits, heir rights, medical coverage, and tax benefits, as the rich have been doing for decades). No, gay marriage is about a bunch of people who were never accepted by their parents, their families, or by society forcing the heterosexual world to give them what they never had: acceptance.

“The basic tenants of a Democracy require that our elected representatives confirm, uphold, and execute the will of the people in accordance with the Constitution. A Federal Law against same-sex marriage is required if a majority of Americans oppose same-sex marriage, as the Full Faith & Credit clause of the Constitution elevates this issue above the state level to the federal level.

“To oppose such a law, one would have to cite a Constitutional right for same-gender marriages. However, the Constitution does not specifically guarantee the right to marry — gay or straight. Marriage is like a Driver’s License- it is a privilege, not a right, granted by the state to the individual, with rules and restrictions. Gays have the right to the Freedoms of Speech, Assembly, etc., and they exercise those rights with full federal protection.”

He also said to me, the Constitution does not recognize marriage as an inalienable right

Martin Rice of the Hawaii Democrats and Lambda Aloha told me by phone three years ago that civil unions are “marriage without the “M” word.” Speaking of Lambda, in a stellar attempt at good timing, Lambda Legal Defense has published a Little Black Book, “part of a national campaign to inform gay men about their legal rights if they are harassed or arrested while cruising for sex in public. It is meant especially to help men who are victims of police sting operations and is in response to the many calls Lambda gets from men subjected to such entrapment.” Incredible.

Working behind the scenes are many closet-case liberal gay attorneys. Civil unions and gay marriage isn’t just a civil right they want; it’s expanding markets and business. In other words, need you be reminded, the practice of law is a business. And since gays and lesbians have supposedly more disposable income to spend it’s about lawyers getting their hands on it. It’s exploiting hopes and lining pockets. And gay closet-case democrat lawyers and their friends with money can buy clout and power in their party … with gay marriage or gay civil unions comes gay divorce or dissolution of unions. The settlements could be substantial. See my point? As Uncle Rush says, follow the money trail … and remember, too, that there is no provision in Vermont law for the dissolution of those civil unions.

I have and continue to believe that gays will flourish by cutting their political umbilical chords from co-dependence on nanny-state liberals and politicians, take their lives into their own hands, and in Hawaii leave the gay-white-liberal plantationists behind once and for all. Hawaii’s local gay community deserves better than to be a depraved suburb of the Castro or West Hollywood. I am convinced more than ever that Hawaii’s gays are being manipulated by the left. America and most of the world is not ready for gay marriage. I believe marriage is a religious covenant first and foremost. I urge my fellow conservatives to refrain from any knee-jerk urge to bash gays and to denounce those that do otherwise. I thank God for my good health on all fronts; rising infection rates for HIV and hepatitis, especially young gay men, needs compassion and yes, a change away from promiscuous behaviors. That’s where our priorities have been all along. At home across America gay marriage is being embraced in Democratic strongholds, a move that may ultimately backfire against the Democrats in Hawaii and beyond this autumn.

”’Jeffrey Bingham Mead is the head of the Log Cabin Republicans of Hawaii, a conservative group for Republican gays, and a deacon. He can be reached via email at:”’

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