Gov. Lingle a ‘Practical Moderate’, Not ‘Bomb Throwing Partisan’

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BY VICTORIA ‘CRICKET’ CHUNG – I have been able to call former Gov. Linda Lingle a friend for over 30 years.

As a retired public school teacher and life-long resident of Molokai, I have watched Linda Lingle gain the respect and admiration of our community for her service as a council member and her leadership as Mayor of Maui.


I was privileged to work on her council and mayoral campaigns and was her Molokai Field Director for her three campaigns for governor.

As anyone who has worked in a political campaign knows, you get to see a person up close and under considerable pressure when they are running for office.

That is why I can say with conviction that Linda Lingle is not the “bomb throwing” “hyper-partisan” some national political operatives would try to assert.

She is a practical moderate who has always kept the best interests of Hawaii as her core motivation.  Governor Lingle is a public servant of the noblest demeanor who always puts people before Party.

In Hawaii we have a saying “no talk stink.”  The folks in Washington DC need to respect our island standards.





  1. The very notion of Republican-in-Name-Only Lingle as a “bomb throwing hyper-partisan” is hilarious. Of course, putting things in the proper liberal context, anyone who disagrees with the destructive policies and hateful rhetoric of Obama/Abercrombie et al. is an intransigent right-wing nutcase.

  2. Didn’t she lose millions of dollars of tax payer money on Auction Rate Securities? In fact wasn’t a billion dollars frozen? The whole time she was campaigning for McCain and who was it again…oh yeah…Sarah Palin, the focus of the presidential election was the bad economy. Yet when it came to teacher furloughs in Hawaii, she said that no one could have predicted that the economy would be so bad. I am less concerned with her being a bomb throwing partisan as much as I am that she is an IDIOT!!! Even more concerned that she might be the best of bad choices.

    I do think she is going to win Akaka’s US Senate seat. And on top of all of that, I voted for her before and I will vote for her again. Damn it!

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