Government Officials Not Listening to the People on the Akaka Bill Issue – Time to Throw the Bums Out

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Well the first survey by the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii on the popularity of the Akaka Bill was criticized, so the public policy institute conducted a second poll just days later, including all households in the state of Hawaii.

Guess what — the poll results turned out the same.


“New Statewide Survey: 2 to 1 Oppose Akaka Bill”

To be specific: 64.5 % of Rep. Case`s district voted against it, 70.2 % of Abercrombie`s district voted against it. Even native Hawaiians are split, (48% opposed it). 81.63% of Hawaii residents

It is clearly time for the informed voters to remove the entire congressional delegation and the Gov. Linda Lingle faction of the Republican Party.

The question of the Pearl Harbor base wouldn