Government Should Act Like The Rest of Us – Cut Spending When Times are Tough

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When a business or a family gets into financial difficulty, the typical reaction is to cut spending. Then, if income still fails to meet expenses and there is property owned, the obvious solution is to sell or mortgage said property. Such happens all the time.


Not our governments. The State and City/County governments are all hurting. Each of them owns underutilized or even unproductive property in vast amounts. But do they put it on the market? No. They want to raise your taxes. They bought the property with your (or your parents) money. Now they are broke and they want to raise your taxes to keep it.

Reason Foundation Policy Study #303, March 2003 “Tapping Public Assets: Frequently Asked Questions about Selling or Leasing Infrastructure Assets” has just been released. You or your legislator can get it at

Remember, an increase in taxes is the same as a cut in pay. Tell them to sell something before they punish you further.

”’Richard O. Rowland is president of the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii and can be reached at:”’