Governor Nominates Members to Ethics Commission and Paroling Authority

Gov. Neil Abercrombie
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Gov. Neil Abercrombie

REPORT FROM GOVERNOR’S OFFICE – Governor Neil Abercrombie has nominated individuals to serve on the Ethics Commission and the Hawai’i Paroling Authority.

Ms. Susan DeGuzman is Governor Abercrombie’s nominee to fill one of two vacancies on the Ethics Commission.  Ms. DeGuzman served in the state judicial system for nearly 30 years before retiring in 2010.  She served as judicial assistant/executive secretary for former Chief Justice Ronald Moon; she was his judicial assistant when he was an Associate Justice.


The Ethics Commission consists of five members appointed by the Governor from a list submitted by the judicial council.  The judicial council has yet to forward nominations for the second vacancy.  Senate confirmation is not necessary.

The Governor’s nominations to fill two vacancies on the Hawai’i Paroling Authority are Violet Horvath and Fituina Tua.  Since 1993, Mr. Tua has been a U.S. Probation Officer for the U.S. District Court, District of Hawai’i.  He is also a former Chief Court Officer and Juvenile Probation Officer. Ms. Horvath is a lecturer in Human Services at the Honolulu Community College and holds a doctorate in social work.

The Hawai’i Paroling Authority consists of five members selected from a list of nominees submitted by a panel composed of the Chief Justice, the Director of Public Safety, the President of the Hawai’i Correctional Association, the President of the Hawai’i State Bar Association, the head of the Hawai’i Council of Churches, a public member, and the President of the Hawai’i Chapter of National Association of Social Workers.  These nominations require Senate confirmation.

Since 2011, Governor Abercrombie has nominated more than 400 individuals to various boards and commissions.  The Office of the Governor oversees more than 160 boards and commissions established by the state constitution, statutes or executive orders.

The Office of the Governor is seeking nominations for a number of boards and commissions.  Interested individuals who are looking to serve the public may consider service on a board or commission.  More information, including a complete list of vacancies and application instructions, is posted at