Governor Releases $75.3 Million for Honolulu International Airport Projects

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Photo: Emily Metcalf

REPORT FROM THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE – Governor Neil Abercrombie today announced the release of more than $75.3 million for various Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) at Honolulu International Airport, the state’s primary hub for air travel.

 “These priority projects are necessary steps to prepare the Honolulu International Airport, one of our state’s most visible and vital parts of our transportation infrastructure, to meet growing demand from business, visitor and kama’aina travelers,” said Governor Abercrombie.  “These investments will further result in more opportunities for quality work for our Hawai’i residents.”


Honolulu International Airport covers 4,520 acres and is larger than Waikiki. The airport is served by 27 international and domestic carriers, three interisland airlines, and four commuter airlines. At any given hour, about 10,000 passengers, employees or visitors are at Honolulu International Airport. In addition to the airport’s 550 employees, more than 14,000 people work at the airport and another 20,000 depend on the airport for their livelihood.

Funds for the following priority projects, identified by members of the state Legislature, were approved and released by the Governor:

  •      $13,250,000 – Construction to replace 12 passenger loading bridges at the ꞌEwa Concourse
  •      $11,590,000 – Construction for the first phase of the development of the Consolidated Car Rental Facility project
  •      $8,867,787 – Additional construction to relocate interisland terminal cargo facilities
  •      $8,099,000 – Construction for a new parking lot for employees of tenants using the Elliott Street support facilities
  •      $5,470,000 state funds and $12,750,000 federal grant – Resurfacing and upgrading airfield markings, signage and lighting at Runway 26L and various intersecting taxiways to ensure compliance with all current FAA operational and safety standards and to increase visibility for the runway
  •      $5,100,000 – Additional design and construction of a new interisland maintenance facility located in the Elliot Street support facilities area
  •      $4,830,000 state funds and $11,250,000 federal grant – Construction to widen Runway 8L
  •      $2,825,000 – Construction for metal roof replacement and sidewalk improvements at the overseas terminal
  •      $2,200,000 – Additional construction for a new multi-user cargo building for airline cargo tenants that are to be relocated to the Elliot Street support facilities area
  •      $2,200,000 – Additional construction management services for a new commuter terminal adjacent to Gate 6 at the end of the Diamond Head Concourse
  •      $2,000,000 – Construction to improve the Wiki Wiki stations, including installing glazed canopies over open landscaped areas, adding rain screens, increasing drainage at the stations, and reroofing the Diamond Head and Ewa stations
  •      $1,500,000 – Design for the replacement of roadway and terminal signage to make the terminal gate numbering system consistent with those of other airports across the nation.
  •      $1,500,000 – Additional design to address the need for six additional wide-body gates at the Mauka Concourse to meet the airport’s current peak hour demand
  •      $1,320,000 – Construction management services for the demolition of the existing Aloha Cargo facilities and the construction of a concrete hardstand fronting the new Hawaiian Airlines maintenance facility complex
  •      $1,250,000 – Additional design services to relocate the Transportation Security Administration training facility and construct a new permanent commuter terminal facility (Relocation of the existing Commuter Terminal is necessary in order to construct a new interisland terminal mauka extension)
  •      $1,000,000 – Design to expand and consolidate concession areas along the makai side of the Overseas Terminal corridor, which will maximize potential sales revenue and improve the passenger experience by bringing the concessions closer to the gates
  •      $750,000 state funds and $2,250,000 federal grant – Design for pavement reconstruction of Taxiway Z to address surface cracks and depressions, as well as replace pavement markings to ensure compliance with all current FAA operational and safety standards
  •      $574,736 – Additional construction for site preparation at the Elliott Street support facilities near the interisland terminal
  •      $400,000 – Design for improvements of the Diamond Head Concourse of the overseas terminal, including replacement of air diffusers, drinking fountain, and walkway and ceiling tile; renovation of ceiling and other lighting fixtures
  •      $332,500 state funds and $1,000,000 federal grant – Design to resurface Runway 4R and upgrade airfield markings to ensure compliance with all current FAA operational and safety standards
  •      $250,000 – Planning for the Environmental Assessment for short-term projects in the Honolulu International Airport Master Plan