Governor’s Chief of Staff Bob Awana Shouldn’t Be Judged in the Press

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The resignation on Friday, June 29, of the Governor’s Chief of Staff Bob Awana is a great loss to the State of Hawaii and to many of us personally.

I first met Bob in 1998 when he was the campaign manager of a little known candidate for Governor, then Maui Mayor Linda Lingle.


He devoted himself to her campaign and was upbeat even when she lost against Gov. Cayetano in a close election.

He continued his dedication and leadership to Gov. Lingle’s winning campaigns in 2002 and 2006. In spite of personal losses in 2007, Bob continued to provide inspiration and integrity to his position.

I am sure that the allegations against him will be proven false, but his integrity was such that he did not want his position to negatively influence the Governor or the Lt. Governor.

Bob Awana has provided exceptional service to the State of Hawaii and should not be judged in the press on unproven allegations.

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