Hawaii 9th Circuit Conference in Plush Maui Resort: Shades of GSA Extravagance?

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The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency on Maui

BY JUDSON PHILLIPS – Newt Gingrich had the right idea all along.  Unfortunately he is gone from the race now and what ever else Mitt Romney will or will not do, one of Newt’s better ideas will not be adopted.

What was that idea and what was he so right about?


He was right about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the need to simply abolish it.

The 9th Circuit has not come out with a new outrageous decision.  They do that all the time.  No, the 9th Circuit is doing something even more outrageous.

In the middle of the Great Obama Depression, the 9th Circuit is blowing a million dollars so they can have a really nice getaway at a resort in Hawaii.

Shades of the GSA?

The event is the 9th Circuit’s annual judicial conference.  In fairness to the 9th Circuit, that Circuit does include Hawaii and the outlying Pacific territories.  And every Circuit has a judicial conference.  These are legitimate events where judges and lawyers get their continuing education requirements and it is a good chance for the judges to hear from the lawyers on issues that affect the administration of justice.

Most of the other circuits realize there is a Depression going on and have cut back their Judicial Conferences.  Not the 9th Circuit.

They are going to a luxury resort in Hawaii.

Travel alone for this conference is going to cost almost $700,000.  Then you have the additional expenses that go along with that, including lodging and an almost $400 a day per diem.  In addition, Breitbart.com estimates that there will be another $700,000 spent in salaries for the 267 Judges during their time in Hawaii.

Newt Gingrich called for the abolition of the 9th Circuit during his campaign.  The abolition of the 9th Circuit would have put all of those judges out of work.  The 9th Circuit is the most liberal and most reversed of the Federal Appellate Circuits.

And now, they can have the reputation for the hardest partying (on the taxpayer dime) Federal Circuit.

It really is past time for the 9th Circuit to be done away with.   As real Americans lose their homes, have to make all kinds of sacrifices and do not get to go on family vacations, why should these government employees get this kind of ritzy all expense paid vacation?

It is utterly insane.

Of course, the 9th Circuit, being the most liberal, fits right in with the Obama model of let’s see how much money we can waste.

If Newt Gingrich had been elected President, there is a decent chance the 9th Circuit might have been abolished.  Unfortunately, even if Mitt Romney is elected, he will never do anything that bold, no matter how bad the 9th Circuit is.

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  1. These supposed additional costs to taxpayers have already been debunked in several other articles across the net.

    The conference is authorized by law – and has been held in other 9th circuit states bringing in some much needed revenue to the locales it has been held at. The extra-curricular activities are being paid for privately.

    Getting business done for the court is a necessity and these conferences have been held for a long time. Where was the outcry all these previous years? Is it because it is being held in Hawaii? Or is it an easy target in an election year?

    What’s the real underlying issue with the folks who are crying out with their false outrage? The 9th circuit court itself and the perceived “liberal” rulings by the court.

    If Newt had been elected President? Really? LMAO!

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