Hawaii Army National Guard Soldiers to Prepare for Mobilization to Afghanistan

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REPORT FROM THE HAWAII ARMY NATIONAL GUARD – The 29th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) of the Hawaii Army National Guard, to include portions of its organic units from the Arizona and Guam Army National Guard, has received a “Notification of Sourcing” and has been instructed to prepare key personnel for mobilization in October 2012 for a possible deployment as Security Forces Assistance Advisor Teams (SFAATs) to Afghanistan.

This Notification of Sourcing also cancels all other 29th IBCT units previously designated for deployment to Afghanistan and the Central Command’s Area of Responsibility with the exception of approximately 500 Soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 294th Infantry and F Company, 29th Brigade Support Battalion of the Guam Army National Guard that are still scheduled for deployment to Afghanistan in early 2013.


“Notification of Sourcing” does not constitute an official alert, mobilization, or decision to deploy; but is the military’s method of alerting a unit to begin preparing for deployment.

Until an Alert Order is approved by the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF), there is still a possibility that the 29th IBCT will not be mobilized or deployed. Upon final decision by the SECDEF and Headquarters, Department of the Army, official alert and mobilization orders will be published.