Hawaii Casts Votes for Mitt Romney in Official Nomination

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REPORT FROM THE HAWAII GOP —Hawaii delegates cast 17 votes for Governor Mitt Romney last night, helping to officially nominate Romney as the Republican nominee for president.

“Hawaii was particularly honored to participate in this nomination because many of our delegates worked hard to help secure a win for Governor Romney in March and in doing so, earned their spot here as delegates,” said Fritz Rohlfing, Chair of the Hawaii Delegation and Chair of Hawaii for Romney.


“It was an honor to represent Hawaii and our delegation yesterday, especially because of the hard work many of us put in on behalf of Governor Romney specifically,” said Erin Kealoha Fale, Vice-Chair of the Hawaii Delegation and of Hawaii for Romney. She announced Hawaii’s votes on the floor of the Convention.


Romney won a majority of Hawaii’s delegates in the inaugural Hawaii Republican Presidential Caucus in March, capturing 44.5 percent of the state-wide vote.

For video of the announcement, click here.   For pictures from the RNC Convention, click here.