Hawaii Christian Parade Not Exclusive-Log Cabin Republicans of Hawaii Denounces Intimidation Tactics of Gay-left Organizations Demanding Special Rights to March in the First-Annual Family Day Parade on July 4

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There is no documented evidence prohibiting private, individual gays and lesbians from marching in the parade. The parade does not exclude individual gays and lesbians. The Hawaii Christian Coalition (HCC) has not required or asked any individuals, including those in the military, to disclose their sexual orientation. The right of privacy continues to be maintained. These same individuals are not represented by those gay and so-called gay-friendly organizations suing the city and county of Honolulu.

These special-rights liberal organizations include members of the Gay & Lesbian Community Center, [the People’s Republic of] PFLAG-Oahu, the Gay & Lesbian Caucus of the Hawaii Democratic Party, and others. Log Cabin Republicans is not a plaintiff in this legal action spearheaded by these gay-liberal organizations with the help of the Hawaii American Civil Liberties Union.


This lawsuit is not grounded in securing equal individual rights but rather in special rights for the plaintiffs. Like the Gay Pride Parade just concluded this past weekend, it is based on the boosting of egos of celebrity-seeking and publicity-seeking leftist activists who in fact have a highly limited following among gays and lesbians in Hawaii and fail to reflect our time-honored local values.

Log Cabin Republicans of Hawaii calls for the dismissal of the suit since these gay-left groups have failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that gays and lesbian individuals have been excluded from participation in the parade. We also urge that the Hawaii Christian Coalition and Hawaii’s individuals and families be permitted to conduct this parade free of harassment, intimidation, and in peace this year and in the years ahead.

”’Jeffrey Bingham Mead is the head of the Log Cabin Republicans of Hawaii and can be reached via email at:”’ mailto:jmead@aloha.net