Hawaii Entrepreneur Loy Weston Remembered

Loy Weston
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Loy Weston

BY KEN SCHOOLLAND – Dear friends of Loy Weston: Please find a bit of Loy’s legacy herein.


Loy, the Colonel from Japan, has lectured to my classes over the past 20 years. Each time he shared an avalanche of humor, wisdom, and inspiration.

The students were always enthralled with his tales of business strategy and fun gained by his experience at creating wealth across Asia.

Loy Weston speaks to HPU students

As the founder of numerous franchises, Loy established more businesses and made more millionaires in Asia than any other American.

How many people are in debt to Loy’s genius and chutzpah for their own employment and treasure…and for the prosperity enjoyed by so many across Asia and America?

Loy’s life was more than a lesson in creativity. Loy was one of the great examples of joie de vivre. He indulged in life…lived it to the fullest imaginable.

Loy was also a great friend. He was generous to all and never begrudged the successes of others. This, I believe, was one of the great lessons that he bequeathed to his students of life.

Sadly, Loy’s beloved wife, Momoyo, also passed away, one week before. We’ll miss you, Loy. But you are always with us by the lessons you taught.





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