Hawaii Family Forum Director: We Can Improve Future of Hawaii’s Families by Voting; “Do Not Remain Neutral”

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BY ALLEN CARDINES JR. Aloha, name is Allen Cardines, Jr. and I have been appointed as the new Executive Director of Hawaii Family Forum and I am also the Pastor at Hope Chapel in the beautiful community of Nanakuli.  I have the honor and privilege to follow in the footsteps and accomplishment of other outstanding Executive Directors such as Kelly Rosati and Dennis Arakaki.  For the sake of our children, I accept this challenge.

Hawaii’s children and their families face many adversities such as profanity, pornography, physician assisted suicide, systemic poverty, drugs, despair, and domestic violence.  These adversities will continue to erode the foundation of Hawaii’s families until something is done.   For the sake of our children, Hawaii Family Forum is committed to protecting, preserving and strengthening Hawaii’s families.


One way that we can improve the future of Hawaii’s families is by voting.

This year’s election offers the chance to bring to Hawaii an improved legislative body that will transform the way Hawaii politics works.  That historic change could be the beginning of an improved government.  What happens in the next two months has the potential to change the future of Hawaii forever.  Will you be a part of it?

I humbly ask that we dissolve any ethnic, religious, political or bitter barriers that separate us.  Let us unite and seek love rather than hate.  Let us seek love rather than ethnic and religious differences, let us vote principles above parties, character above campaign promises.  Let us stand together and be a part of the iVOTE movement to improve Hawaii’s future.

It doesn’t take celebrity, stature, or wealth to make a difference – it only takes someone to say that I care about Hawaii’s future and iVOTE!

Do not remain neutral.  Do not sit idly by.  Do not let others speak for you.  Silence has gotten us nowhere; division has gotten us nowhere, so once again, it’s time for our collective voice to make a simple yet powerful demand…kodomo no tame ni (For the Sake of Our Children)… iVOTE to improve Hawaii’s future.  How about you?

Allen Cardines, Jr. is the director of the Hawaii Family Forum